Upgrade your Bathroom and Laundry Room with WENKO

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No matter what your bathroom looks like, you can always add fun and helpful accessories to it. In addition to adding style and aesthetic value, accessories from Wenko can help you organize your bathroom & laundry to make the most of your space. 


Wenko is a European home goods company that offers a wide range of high-quality products to spruce up your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry rooms. Here are some great ways to take your bathroom and laundry room to the next level. 



Upgrade Your Bathroom and Laundy Room With WENKO



Bathroom Accessories 


Dehumidifier Cube 

This minimalist and easy-to-use dehumidifier helps prevent mold and odors in your bathroom. It is effective immediately and does not require any electricity. The effect is designed to last three months, after which you can buy replacement packs. 


Wash Up Set Empire 

This stylish grey bathroom accessories set includes a brush, a high gloss chrome-plated plastic pump soap dispenser, and a stainless steel holder. The catch basin beneath the dispenser can be used to catch excess soap so that it doesn't get on the counter, or it can be used to hold a sponge. The metal holder also allows you to hang up a washcloth. 



 Dehumidifier Cube and Wash Up Set Empire



Vacuum-Loc Wall Shelf 

Sometimes people need more storage space but are hesitant to add new shelves to their bathrooms because they don't want to drill holes in the wall. The Vacuum-Loc Wall Shelf features a stronghold that requires no drills or screws. Instead, the vacuum system allows you to quickly place and reposition the shelf. 


Easy Squeeze-e Counter Top Soap Dispenser 

For a fun and nontraditional style of a soap dispenser, try the Wenko Easy Squeeze-e. The container features a grey matte finish and holds 8.45 ounces. This could be a great stylish addition to your bath or guest toilet. 



Wenko Vacuum-Loc Wall Shelf  and Easy Squeeze-e Counter Top Soap Dispenser



Cosmetic Wall Mirror With Swiveling Arm 

This bold design is both eye-catching and highly functional. The swiveling arm allows for optimal mirror placement, and the magnification effects will enable you to work with precision. The surface of the mirror has a 25.5 cm diameter. If a telescopic arm works better in your bath, check out this other Wenko mirror


Telescopic Corner Shelf 

This stainless steel telescopic shelf is the perfect solution if you need more storage space for shampoos, conditioners, and other products within the shower area. The rod is adjustable and extends to a maximum of 275 cm. The shelf will fit snugly into any corner of the bathroom. 



Wenko Cosmetic Wall Mirror With Swiveling Arm  and Telescopic Corner Shelf



Toilet Brush Inca White 

This stylish design from Wenko allows you to add a bit of aesthetic quality to an item in your bathroom that doesn't usually have stylistic value. Instead, the pure white cylindrical form emphasizes function and cleanliness. 


Shower Curtain Sand and Stone 

Shower curtains provide an excellent opportunity for stylistic expression. This Zen-inspired design is perfect for meditation fans and anyone who wants to step into the shower every morning with an enhanced feeling of calm. 



Wenko Toilet Brush Inca White  and Shower Curtain Sand and Stone



Shower Curtain Palm Beach 

This beautiful design is perfect for beach lovers everywhere. Whether you live near the beach or only dream of going to the beach, this design will give you a boost of positivity when you step into the shower every morning. 


Telescopic Bathroom Squeegee 

Squeegees are an often-overlooked bathroom accessory, but they help keep your walls free of mildew and other buildups. This telescopic design from Wenko takes up very little space and will help you maintain cleanliness with ease. 



Wenko Shower Curtain Palm Beach and Telescopic Bathroom Squeegee



Laundry Room Accessories 


Laundry Bin Cordoba 

The concept of a laundry bin is pretty simple: just throw the clothes into a basket, right? However, you can always upgrade to a more stylish and functional bin if you want to invest in improving your laundry room. This laundry bin from the Wenko brand features a frame made of silver aluminum and a drawstring that allows for privacy and style in your home decor. 


Laundry Bin Tresco Beige 

This alternate style fits perfectly into a laundry room corner and features four wheels that increase mobility. If you want a design that leaves no doubt about the bin's purpose, this one boldly proclaims "LAUNDRY" so that no one gets confused. 



Wenko Laundry Bin Cordoba and Laundry Bin Tresco Beige



Laundry Bin Trivo Beige 

Everyone has a story about accidentally mixing colors in the laundry and ending up with a discolored shirt. This stylish and practical bin is sure to prevent that from happening. You can divide clothes into Dark, Light, and Color sections effortlessly


Laundry Bin Bahari 

Bamboo is a beautiful building material, and this bin is sure to add an element of natural elegance to your laundry room. In addition, the bin's cover prevents dust from getting on your clothes. If you like the style and organization, browse Wenko's matching items in the Bahari Series. 


Laundry Bag Sailor Green 

If you prefer the seabag style, this is an excellent product. It comes with shoulder straps and a solid fastener to make transport easy. 



Wenko Laundry Bin Trivo Beige + Wenko Laundry Bin Bahari + Wenko Laundry Bag Sailor Green



Discover more from Wenko 

You can also find kitchen accessories from Wenko that will make your life easier and more stylish without sacrificing functionality. For example, the bamboo steps for coffee and tea is a practical organizer with two steps and a drawer that can be extended on both sides. Or the plastic/foil cutter dispenser is easy to use thanks to a spring mechanism and gives a more stylish look than the standard packages. 
Visit the Wenko store here at Max to find the more beautiful bathroom, kitchen, living, and laundry accessories. We have everything you need to achieve a satisfying upgrade for your living spaces.



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