Danco  5-1/2 in. Dia. Bathtub Hair Catcher  White  Plastic

Danco 5-1/2 in. Dia. Bathtub Hair Catcher White Plastic

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Capture hair and prevent clogged drains with Dancos unique silicone rubber Bathtub Hair Catcher with Suction Cup Design. The patent pending suction cup design clings to the stopper, keeping the hair catcher in place when the stopper is open or closed. The suction cup design works best for surfaces which are smooth and have no cracks, bumps, or decorative designs. Featuring easy installation and cleaning, anyone can place the hair catcher over the bathtub drain, engage the suction cup, and immediately begin use of the hair catcher. When it is time to clean the hair catcher, simply detach the suction cup, wipe away hair and place back over the stopper. This bathtub hair catcher fits most standard lift & turn, push button, and trip lever bathtub stoppers. The Danco Hair Catcher with a Suction Cup Design is the perfect bathroom accessory that helps catch excess hair without blocking water drainage and filling up the tub while the shower is in use.

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  • UPC: 037155107711
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