Father’s Day: Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

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There are few people harder to shop for than fathers. Not only does he already have everything he wants, but he can be pretty particular and often does not like many presents he does not pick out. Even though buying Father's Day gifts can be difficult, that’s no excuse to settle for giving dad or your grandpa a boring shirt or gift card.


If you want to find great Father's Day gifts ideas, look at our list of options for every type of dad. Choose a present from the gift guide below, and you are sure to please dad this June.


Father's Day Gift Ideas


1. Hand Tools

If the special man in your life is handy and enjoys tinkering around with machinery, consider getting him a hand tool he can experiment with. A rugged toolbox is a great gift idea for a man who loves to work with his hands and often transports tools. A durable toolbox is excellent for men who enjoy camping, hunting, and being outdoors. If your dad enjoys working with his hands but stays closer to home, consider a sturdy plastic toolbox. This box has lots of space for storage and looks great on a garage shelf.


2. Power Tools

Looking for Father’s Day ideas for the fixer and handyman in your life who loves trying out new power tools? If he loves tackling projects around the house and spends hours upon hours in the garage, Father's Day is a great time to add to dad’s collection of gadgets, multi-taskers, and power tools. Cordless drills are a great option because they can be used on various projects around the house. A mini cut-off saw is the perfect present for more extensive tools and can cut and measure multiple materials.


Gifts for the Handy Dad 


3. Multi-Purpose Tools

For the expert DIY dad, new multi-purpose tools can help upgrade his toolbox and his workbench. Presents like a cable cutter or a curated toolset can come in handy for weekend work projects and outdoor gardening tasks. While many dads have tools they never use, investing in a home toolset that only includes the essentials can increase productivity and cut down on clutter. Purchase multi-purpose tools that are sturdy and made from high-quality materials so they will last more than a season.


Multi-Purpose tools for dad


4. Grills and Accessories

Grilling gifts for the dad who spends every weekend cooking up charred meats can benefit the whole family. Let him impress friends and family with his best outdoor recipes by giving him a new charcoal hibachi grill. 


A new grill is a great father's day gift idea and will encourage a grill master to refine his skills and develop new recipes for a backyard barbecue. Grill accessories like knives, a grill basket, or a cutting board are often overlooked but will likely be a welcome addition. Accessories like forks, tongs, and knives break down quickly and need replacing to ensure precise cuts and excellent technique. 


Lastly, gifting dad an extra propane tank for his new grill may seem unusual, but he will appreciate it when the one he is currently using runs out. You can also attach to your present a cold beer, a bottle opener, or a whiskey glass for a different touch.


 Shop your dad a grill for Father's Day


5. Lawn and Gardening Tools

If the father figure in your life has a green thumb, give him a father's day gift he can use in his garden or yard. Whether you want to get him a new lawnmower or some gardening accessories, summer is the perfect time to encourage him to work in his yard. A dad who regularly spends a lot of time in the yard may enjoy a fresh pair of hand tools or gardening tools, such as a new washer brush kit or a soil scoop. Another gift idea is to give dad a hose timer, allowing the watering chores to be handled automatically. A new plant or seed for the garden is a perfect gift for the dad who enjoys growing his food.


 Perfect lawn and garden gifts for dad


6. Grooming Items

Every cool dad enjoys looking his best, no matter what he says. Men’s grooming is all about making dad feel polished, manicured, and fresh. Purchasing a new electric razor with shaving cream for dad can help him keep his beard, mustache, or goatee in tip-top shape. A new trimmer or beard kit is an excellent idea for a man who enjoys keeping his facial hair short and polished. If you think dad may need to relax, consider giving him a gift card for a massage or other spa treatment. After all, spas are not just for women! It could be the perfect Father's Day gift.


Shop grooming items for dad


Work With a Father's Day Gift Expert

Celebrate Father's Day this year with a thoughtful gift for the father figure in your life. While it can sometimes be a challenge coming up with gift ideas dad will love, focusing on his interests and needs can be an excellent place to start. Whether your dad is good with his hands, loves gardening, or is an expert grill master, visit Max Warehouse for a unique Father's Day gift. 


Follow this Father's Day gift guide or visit our website for countless Father's Day gift ideas for shopping inspiration.


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