How To Throw a Playoff Party

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With the NFL playoffs right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to top last year’s party. Luckily, you don’t need to train like an All-Pro to host a barbecue that leaves everyone smiling even if their favorite team loses. With an assortment of tools, tips, and tricks from Max Warehouse, you’ll have everything you need to make sure that your gridiron get-together comes out on top. 


Setting up the perfect playoff party - Max Warehouse

Seating for Everyone

An oft-overlooked detail when it comes to football parties is seating. Everyone needs a place to plop down in front of the big screen so they can see the action (and the commercials). If the invite list is select and the seating amply available, you may only need a few comfortable accent chairs to give your guests the furniture accessibility they need. The critical word in that sentence is “comfortable,” so make sure to avoid utilitarian folding chairs that torment backs and usually reside in high school gymnasiums.


Versatility is also an undervalued factor when it comes to seating. Beyond chairs, a large sofa is ideal, as it can accommodate plenty of people. To make sure even those in the back have a perch from which they can see the action, use bar stools. They also make a handsome accessory to any tall table or counter. If there are children or if the crowd is young adults, large pillows or ottomans can also offer a place to post-up with a plate of wings while keeping an eye on the score.


In terms of set-up, all seating should offer a good viewing angle of the television. Tables or trays can also provide the necessary real estate for beverages and finished plates.


Cocktails and Mocktails, Oh My

Speaking of beverages, a well-stocked bar can rescue a game that’s lost its fun due to an early blowout or unexpected delays. Choose a favorite cocktail and craft a simple recipe that can be refreshed during timeouts or commercial breaks and dispensed from a pitcher. Survey your guests beforehand so that you have enough of everyone’s preferred cheap or craft beer.


To protect your wood, it’s best to have plenty of coasters on-hand. Try to keep a pile on each table or surface so that there’s no excuse for an unsightly ring stain at the end of the night. A plethora of accessible cocktail napkins can also help with any small spills.


Consider taking a look at your current selection of bar tools and equipment. You should have all of the essentials, like a corkscrew to open bottles of wine, a steel ice tub to keep bottles cold, and ice cube trays to provide the rocks. Likely, you’ll need these tools again, so invest in high-quality equipment and essentials that can outlast even Tom Brady.


Find an easy mocktail recipe and make sure to have plenty of soda, juice, or water (sparkling and flat) available. It will be much appreciated by any kids or non-alcohol drinkers invited to the party. Also, those who partake in alcohol will like an alternative that keeps them hydrated and refreshed. 


Championship-Level Grilling

simple, dependable charcoal grill will impart mouth-watering flavor on burgers, hot dogs, wings, and whatever else you toss on its grates. A propane grill is easy to use, but are often more expensive and more difficult to maintain than their charcoal kin. Whichever grill you have, make sure you own the right grilling tools to get yourself into the endzone.


When it comes to deciding what to put on the grill, choose things that can be produced in mass volume so that you or your chosen griller has time to catch more than a few plays inside. Some of your guests may have dietary restrictions, so it’s essential to find recipes that fit those needs. Vegetable-based burgers have grown in ubiquity and quality in recent years. This makes finding alternatives a less difficult process than it was last decade.


If you’re looking to move past the standards, whole chickens or slabs of beef can be cooked low-and-slow on the grill with the right charcoal and methods. Just make sure to keep a “hands-off” sign nearby, or you’ll soon find guests peaking underneath the dome to see what aroma is flirting with their nostrils.


Serving With Style

Besides the hot eats, you’ll also want a few cool treats to serve as appetizers and mid-game snack. To move away from the pigs-at-a-trough feeling, a few serving dishes can help add just a touch of class to snack distribution. Also, a chip and dip bowl will support the guacamole or salsa addicts in your life.


It’s okay to use disposable silverware or dishware for a party like this. However, seek out the variety that’s both durable to hot, heavy foods and eco-friendly. Compostable materials sometimes don’t hold up to heat but can be a great option for room temperature and colder snacks.


Glassware is another component to consider. Inexpensive, reusable plastic cups may not be especially elegant, but they will handle tumbles, stumbles, and fumbles with grace (as long they aren’t freshly filled). For those drinking bottles or cans, keep appropriate recycling containers near filled coolers for easy disposal when seeking a refill. 


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