10 Bathroom Storage Ideas

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If you have a small bathroom and feel like you have no place to put your personal care products, you're in good company. Unfortunately, many people are dissatisfied with the storage space in their bathrooms. Thankfully, you can add a bathroom mirror with storage, purchase bathroom storage baskets, and do other things to maximize the usable space in your bathroom. Here are 10 bathroom storage ideas you may want to try.  


10 Bathroom Storage Ideas


1. Add Hooks  

Hooks are inexpensive and great for storing robes, towels, and clothing in the bathroom. Here are some of the best places to put hooks in a bathroom:  
  • On the back of the door  

  • Next to the shower or bathtub  

  • Near your towel racks  

  • Next to your vanity  


You can put a hook or rack anywhere in your bathroom with available wall space. Keep in mind that hooks can be used to hang bathroom cleaning supplies such as bathroom squeegees or rubber cleaning brushes.  


2. Use Décor With Built-In Storage Options  

Some cabinets and shelves look great in the bathroom while also providing you with plenty of storage. Do you need under bathroom sink storage ideas? If your current vanity doesn't have under bathroom sink storage, consider replacing it with a vanity that does. Some vanities have faux drawers and shelves, which may look nice but provide no actual practical use. When choosing the right vanity, make sure it matches your preferred style while simultaneously giving you a place to put extra towels, washcloths, and other everyday bathroom items.  


Use Décor With Built-In Storage Options


3. Install a Long Bathroom Shelf  

If your bathroom is long but not wide, you may be wondering how to fit more items in it without making it feel too cramped. One easy way to increase your storage in a long, narrow bathroom is to install a long shelf the length of one wall. You can choose a floating shelf, glass shelf, steel ventilated shelf, or whatever type of shelf you prefer to get extra storage space. 


4. Install Small Shelves  

If you don't have space for a single, long shelf on your bathroom wall, try installing multiple smaller shelves or floating shelves. You can find a variety of single shelves in sizes perfect for different wall spaces and ideal for corner bathroom storage. You may even want to invest in a shelving unit that stands alone and doesn't need to be installed on your wall.  


Install Small or a Long Bathroom Shelves


5. Increase Storage Space With Baskets  

Baskets and bathroom storage bins work great in bathrooms because they look stylish and easily installed. Whether you choose to install floating baskets on your wall or put a few baskets on the floor space in strategic areas, they'll immediately increase your storage space. Use them to hold dirty clothing after showering or place bathroom essentials such as shampoo and conditioner bottles or other toiletries. Some baskets are even weathertight and are great for storing items you don't want to get wet (such as toilet paper or clean towels).  


6. Put Organizing Baskets in Your Shower  

Are you tired of dealing with a disorganized, cluttered shower? A great storage idea to make it tidier is with shower and bath caddies. These caddies make it easy to store shampoo, conditioner, soap, and scrub brushes within easy reach.  


Increase Storage Space With Baskets


7. Buy a Bathroom Mirror With Storage  

Think of how much space your mirror takes up on your bathroom wall. Wouldn't it be nice if you could use that space for storage? The good news is that you can install a mirror with built-in storage. You can find these types of mirrors in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to select one that fits well in your available space. Another option is a medicine cabinet; it can help you store your toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, make-up, and prescriptions items. 


8. Replace Floor Lamps With Light Wall Mounts  

If you currently have floor lamps in your bathroom, you can free up additional space by getting rid of them and installing light wall mounts on your bathroom walls. Light wall mounts can give you plenty of light and don't take up a lot of vertical space.  


Buy a Bathroom Mirror With Storage


9. Invest in Over-Toilet Storage  

Is the space above your toilet bare? If so, make better use of it by installing a space saver shelf that fits directly over your toilet. These types of shelves are designed to give you additional storage space without getting in the way of your bathroom duties. You can also go for a towel rack; it will keep your bathroom clean and organized while speeding up the dry time for your towels.  


10. Storage Drawers and Bins 

Storage drawers can help you maximize your under-cabinet space. These organizers are an excellent storage idea to keep small items such as lipstick and eyeliner within easy reach while also keeping them out of sight. Another way to maximize your floor space is using storage bins; they can come in handy because you can use them to add a whole new bathroom drawer system to your bathroom. 


Invest in Over-Toilet Storage


Get the Tools You Need for Bathroom Organization  

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