10 Cleaning Hacks for a Tidy Home

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Everyone wants a clean home, but few of us have time to spend hours dusting, scrubbing, and moping. Luckily, you can clean faster and better by utilizing a few unexpected tools and inventive tidying methods. In addition, many everyday household items can be used in new ways to make routine cleaning tasks more convenient. Follow these cleaning hacks for a tidy home and finish your chore list in no time. 


10 Cleaning Hacks for a Tidy Home


Why Is a Clean House So Important?  

Aside from making a good impression on visitors, protecting your family's health is the main reason to keep your home tidy. The condition of your home directly impacts your well-being, and living in an unsanitary environment can have severe health consequences. 


Keeping a clean environment can help prevent common colds, stop allergies, and stop the spread of germs. Adopting a cleaning schedule is especially important if you have pets. Pet dander is a leading cause of allergies, and animal hair can quickly accumulate if left unchecked. 


Why Is a Clean House So Important?


1. Start With the Basics  

Cleaning your home won't get you very far if you use dirty cleaning supplies. Instead, disinfect your sponges and clothes regularly to keep them germ-free. First, remove visible residue by putting cleaning sponges in warm soapy water. Let the supplies soak in the water and wring them out to remove excess water. Next, sterilize cleaning brushes and cloths by using a mild disinfect product. Most supplies can also be cleaned in the washing machine with towels or bedding. 


2. Use a Vacuum To Clean Cabinets  

While vacuums are traditionally used to clean carpets, they can also help clean hard-to-reach kitchen cabinet areas. An excellent cleaning tip is to use a handheld vacuum or your traditional unit's brush attachment to catch crumbs or dust inside drawers and cabinets. Next, clean the outside of cabinets and drawers with warm water and soap. Finally, regularly disinfect hardware and other areas you commonly touch with a sanitizing gel or wash. 


Disinfect your sponges and clothes


3. Use Your Dishwasher To Clean Light Fixtures  

Are you looking for an easy way to clean light fixtures? Many bathroom light fixtures can be washed in the dishwasher, including domes and glass pieces. First, ensure you detach any electrical components before putting the items in the dishwasher. Then, run the dry cycle to reduce spots on your glass fixtures. 


4. Clean Ceiling Fans With Pillowcases  

Ceiling fans are among the dustiest areas of most homes. Because fans are hard to reach, most homeowners only clean them a few times a year. For an easy cleaning hack, clean fan blades with a pillowcase. Slip a pillowcase over each blade and wipe it forward. This technique ensures the dust ends up on the pillowcase and not on the floors below the fan. 


Clean Ceiling Fans With Pillowcases


5. Remove Dust From Blinds With Socks  

Are you looking for an easy way to dust blinds around your home? First, take an old sock, spritz it with water, and put it in one hand for deep cleaning. Next, wipe each panel of the blind with the sock, eliminating dust on both sides of the slat simultaneously. 


6. Use Baby Wipes To Spot Clean Furniture  

Baby wipes effectively eliminate stains from fabric furniture pieces, including couches, sofas, and loveseats. However, use baby wipes and not traditional cleaning wipes on fabric. Wet cleaning wipes are often made from chemicals or bleach that can harm or discolor fabric. 


Use Baby Wipes To Spot Clean Furniture


7. Clean Window Treatments Faster  

Make window cleaning easier by keeping treatments on the rod during the process. Instead of removing treatments, shake them out to eliminate excess dust. You can vacuum your curtains with a handheld vacuum with the treatments still on the road. For deep cleaning, clean the floor around the window to capture any fallen dust. 


8. Use Food Items For Shine  

Using a cleaning solution of lemon oil and vinegar can shine on woodwork and furniture items. Use a mixture of equal parts lemon oil and white vinegar to wipe down furniture pieces, including tables, desks, cabinets, and bed frames. You can use the cleaning solution with a brush or sponge. 


Use Food Items For Shine


9. Sanitize Your Dishwasher with Baking Soda and Vinegar  

Dishwashers can become grimy and dirty after repeated use. An excellent cleaning tip to remove dirt and odors from your dishwasher is to add a cup of Arm and Hammer baking soda to the bottom of your dishwasher. Let the solution sit overnight. Then, remove dishes and run the dishwasher on the hottest cycle available with vinegar instead of dish soap. The vinegar will clean and deodorize the unit. However, remove debris from the filter after the cycle ends. Use sanitizing dish soap on your next cycle. 


10. Utilize Natural Cleaning Products  

Green cleaning products are safe, effective, and good for the environment. However, cleaning products filled with harsh chemicals can cause allergies and skin irritations. Instead, use Method, Seventh Generation, or Meyers cleaning products. 


Utilize Natural Cleaning Products


Find Affordable Cleaning Products  

Make your home shine with these home cleaning tips, and if you are looking for household cleaning products, stainless steel cleaners, dish soap solutions, microfiber cloth, or green cleaning products, visit our cleaning collection today and find the best products for your daily cleaning routine.



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