6 Closet Organization Ideas to Try Today

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The summer is a great time to slow down, enjoy the sun, and show off clothes and accessories without camouflaging them behind bulky coats and sweaters. It's also a perfect time to tackle closet organization. Looking your best throughout the summer is effortless when you try these six closet organization ideas. 


Closet Organization Ideas 


1. Empty, Declutter, and Clean your Closet Space

You will want to start with a clean slate, which means emptying your closet and taking inventory of those items that you want to keep and those you want to toss or give away. Now is the time to put sentiment aside and have a frank conversation with yourself about the main goal: Free up closet storage space for the items you will genuinely use. Motivate yourself by remembering that a well-organized closet will: 

  • Ensure adequate storage space 

  • Prevent you from losing and replacing clothes 

  • Save time while dressing 

  • Prevent wrinkles and clothing damage 

  • Help your wardrobe look more appealing 

  • Create a new closet design 

  • Find extra space for new cloth 


Give your closet's interior surfaces a good scrub, and don't forget about fixtures and brackets, which can collect dust that ultimately lands on your clothes. Cleaning is the first step to get your dream closet. 


Clean your Closet Space


2. Create a Closet Organization Plan

A well-organized closet is much easier to maintain if you create a storage strategy using accessories that suit your closet's features. For example, storage bins are an excellent solution to keep off-season items from taking up the space you need for the current season's wardrobe in a small closet. You can remove bins of clothes you are not using to a garage or attic to make room for in-season pieces. You can also make use of the hard-to-reach shelves near the top of your closet by stacking them with containers of clothes you wear infrequently. It is more efficient to pull and search through one bin than to rifle through a pile of random items strewn across this awkward space in your closet. 


Closets with vast open spaces can accommodate stackable storage bins, carts, racksshelves, or other organization accessories. In addition, they offer the flexibility to choose the ideal format that will help you maintain order. 


Create a Closet Organization Plan


3. Hang Where You Can

Most closets have a single rod from which you can hang shirts, jackets, or dresses, but most people don't maximize their closets' vertical storage potential. Consider which clothing items are suitable for hanging and measure your closet's vertical space to determine where you can add a second tension rod. When choosing a hanger, opt for matching sets that come with features to accommodate each type of clothing item you want to hang. Matching hangars go a long way towards giving your closet a uniform look to make you feel more organized from the moment you open the door. 


Narrow spaces and the back of your closet door are great places to add hanging storage fixtures. For example, hooks can support belts and scarves, and a rack is perfect for hanging long necklaces to prevent them from tangling in a jewelry box. Of course, you must take advantage of all the hanging space in your closet. 


Hang where you can in your closet


4. Remove Your Shoes From Your Closet Floor

Suppose you struggle to pull a pair of matching shoes from a pile of footwear that inevitably clutters your closet floor. In that case, you will appreciate the benefits of using clear plastic storage bins or floor units with shelves to organize your shoe collection. As an alternative, mounting a shoe rack to the back of your closet door will give you a spot to hang shoes. Either way, corraling pairs of shoes where you can easily find them will give your closet floor a neat and orderly appearance while helping to protect your shoes. 


Shoe organization 


5. Stack Storage Containers on Shelves

Whether your closet has built-on shelves or you decide to install them, you will want to use them to provide the maximum possible storage space. Once again, think vertically by filling stackable storage bins with bulky sweaters, jeans, or workout gear to keep them organized and contained until you need them. Install storage baskets that can slide out for efficient access to items you use every day. These containers will also give your closet a streamlined appearance and make it easier to take advantage of the space deep within it. 


Stack Storage Containers


6. Give Small Accessories a Place of Their Own

Tracking down jewelry, hair accessories, sunglasses, or any small wardrobe items can be challenging when you don't have a system in place for organizing them. Try giving them a home in clear stackable clip storage boxes that you can label according to what you store inside them. The secure lids of these boxes will prevent small items from slipping out, ensuring that you always find what you need to add the finishing touch to any outfit. If you have drawers in your master closet, a drawer organizer or a drawer divider can be a great storage solution. 


Small accessories organization


If you struggle with finding the best way to tackle your DIY closet organization project, contact the customer services pros at Max Warehouse to guide you about the best products and tools to ensure a complete closet makeover. 



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