7 Smart Ways To Organize Your Home Using Storage Drawers and Bins

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No matter how large your home is, storage space is always an issue; this is especially true as your family grows in number or their involvement in different activities. Some homeowners may have the option to build new cabinets and shelving systems, but this can be pricey and isn't always an option for renters. Storage drawers and stackable storage bins offer an effective and efficient solution for a wide range of space-saving needs. Consider these seven ways you could use plastic storage bins to eliminate clutter, optimize accessibility, and improve your home storage.


Organize Your Home Using Storage Drawers and Bins

1. Make Way for Different Seasons

As seasons change, some household items become more or less necessary. Cold weather clothes, for instance, maybe vital in the winter but a nuisance in the summer months. Holiday decorations are also used cyclically from year to year. In these situations, Sterilite Nesting ShowOffs Stackable Storage Boxes come in handy. These transparent plastic containers are large enough to hold a tall stack of flannel shirts or a long garland string. With their handles and latches, you can easily carry these containers to your storage room and place them in a neat stack until you need them again.


Season-holiday storage and organization


2. Tidy Up the Kitchen

Everyone develops their kitchen storage system, and it's essential to find an easy-to-maintain strategy that allows you to see and access food before it goes bad. For fruits and vegetables that don't need to be refrigerated, try Sterilite Stackable Storage Bins. This storage basket features small holes on the side that provide ventilation while helping you remember what is inside each bin. In addition, smaller items, such as spices and sauces, can be stored in smaller containers, such as the InterDesign Stackable Storage Bin. This way, you can group similar ingredients to make meal prep quicker.


Kitchen organization


3. Decorate the Family Room

Storage bins aren't only for long-term or behind-the-scenes storage. Many are stylish enough to be placed front and center in your living room or bedroom. Try stacking storage cubes that you can use as shelves to hold family photos, pottery, decorations, and even books. Leave some cubes open, so decorative items are easy to see, while closing or placing bins in others to hide clutter.


Decoration storage 


4. Maximize Bathroom Space

The bathroom is perhaps the trickiest place to organize. After all, you may only have access to a couple of drawers and cabinets. Stackable bins help you maximize your under-cabinet and floor space. For instance, you could use a small plastic bin such as InterDesign Stackable Bin to hold makeup beside or under the sink. The Sterilite Stackable Bins can come in handy again as well because you can use them to add a whole new bathroom drawer system to your space. For example, use separate bins to store hair care products, cosmetics, and backup hand soap.


Bathroom storage


5. Access Your Whole Wardrobe

In tight living quarters, you may find that there are many accessories and articles of clothing you never wear simply because they are too hard to reach. After all, you likely don't have time to dig to the bottom of a stack of shirts before leaving for work in the morning. In this situation, be sure to make the most of the space under your bed. Short plastic containers like the Sterilite Stackable Clip Storage Box allow you to easily slip socks, scarves, and even shoes under the bed. In addition, small containers like InterDesign Stackable Storage Bins are helpful in your closet when organizing undergarments or a dresser drawer.


wardrobe and closet storage 


6. Organize the Office

Whether you have an office at home, at work, or in both places, it's vital that you can quickly find important documents when you need them. While file cabinets are bulky and often not pleasing to the eye, simple stackable bins serve the same purpose more practically. Simply add dividers with labeled tabs to sort papers. When it comes to storing pens, sticky notes, art supplies, and other small items, a drawer organizer is the best option; try InterDesign's or Sterilite's more modest stackable containers.


Office storage


7. Neatly Store Linens

It is not uncommon for households to have a linen closet that is practically overflowing with sheets, blankets, and pillows; this may not only be unsightly, but it also makes it difficult to reach certain items when you need them. For linens you frequently use, consider adding clear Sterilite Stackable Storage Unit containers to the closet floor. For those items you only need when freezing or when you have houseguests, try sturdy Rubbermaid Roughneck Stackable Storage Boxes that you can place in your storage room or a high shelf in your closet.


Linens storage 


At Max Warehouse, we know how much of a difference a little extra floor or closet space can make. So when you develop a storage solution that works for you and your family, you may be surprised by how much space you actually have.


If you are ready to reorganize your home, follow these storage ideas, browse our online collection of plastic storage drawers and bins today or call us at 1-800-210-0132.



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