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It can feel impossible to cool down in the middle of the summer months, even with A/C on your side. Increased use of the air conditioner can also lead to higher energy bills, which no one wants. Fortunately, cooling fans can help keep you cool on the hottest days and for a lot less money (it costs significantly less to operate a cooling fan than to turn on the A/C). When most people think of cooling fans, they think of old-fashioned box fans, but believe it or not, you have a much wider range of fans to choose from in modern times. If you are trying to stay cool this summer, here are some of the best cooling fans you should check out in 2021.


 Best Cooling fans for 2021

1. Honeywell TurboForce

One of the best fans of 2021, the Honeywell TurboForce 3 Speed electric air circulator is truly a force to be reckoned with. Do not be fooled by its small, compact size. The TurboForce is available in both white and black, and it has shocked many consumers with its powerful airflow. It is incredibly lightweight, so it is mountable and can be positioned anywhere you wish. You will be amazed at how quiet the personal fan is, even when operating at full speed. Simply put, whether you are looking for floor fans or mountable fans, the Honeywell TurboForce is sure to please. Another great option if you are looking for something smaller is the Honeywell Turbo Force Table Fan, it offers three speeds of quiet, cool air circulation, and you can use it as a desk fan.


Honeywell Turbo Force Table Fan


2. KOOL-FLO Electric Oscillating Fan

If you are in search of a commercial-grade pedestal fan that will keep you cool all summer long, look no farther than the KOOL-FLO Electric Oscillating Fan. It is 36 inches in height and offers three speeds. Its commercial build ensures you will get the most out of your money, and its shroud can cool large spaces quietly while directing airflow. One of the fan’s most fantastic selling points is its versatility - it is portable so that you can move it from space to space. Check out this oscillating fan if you need to cool your garage, warehouse, or workshop efficiently. For more standing fans options, you can visit our fans collection.


KOOL-FLO Pedestal Oscillating Fan

3. Comfort Zone Electric Box Fan

If you seek the best box fan, you will be pleased to know the Comfort Zone Electric Box Fan is highly affordable and sure to fit your budget. You might be tempted to dismiss its benefits for such a low price, but the box fan is powerful and capable of cooling an entire room. Its size makes it a portable fan, so it can be sat on the floor or placed on the window sill, and its sturdy design ensures you will get the most out of this fan for as long as it serves you. In addition, this fan features three different speeds, so you can select the one that most appeals to you at any time.


If you are looking for a ceiling fan option, the Hunter Fan Cassius Matte Black Ceiling Fan is damp-rated, making it perfect for any room in your home; it’s the ideal accent if you love the minimalist design style.

Comfort Zone Electric Box Fan


4. Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan

The Lasko Oscillating High-Velocity Fan is one of the best tower fans and one of the most powerful fans on the list. It features three distinct speeds and comes with a remote control so you can comfortably control it from anywhere in the room. The electric fan comes with a timer, so you can decide when you want your fan to run. In addition, it is a bladeless fan, which means it runs quietly and smoothly. With its powerful airflow and quiet design, you will enjoy this tower fan for years to come.


If you are looking for a misting fan, the Perfect Aire 3 Speed Electric Oscillating Misting Fan might be the right choice for you, ideal for patios, decks, and gardens; this sleek fan features three powerful fan blades and misting nozzles.


Lasko Oscillating High-Velocity Tower Fan


5. Lasko Floor Fan

Impressive and sleek, the Lasko Floor Fan is affordable and strong. It is a powerful fan, and although it may not be the quietest fan, it does serve its purpose. Its strength derives from the fact that it can cool an entire room or workspace exceptionally well. The Lasko Floor Fan is worth its weight in gold, and once you buy it, you would have no problem purchasing the fan again. In short, this is the type of portable fan you want at your disposal on a hot, humid day; you can control Lasko floor fan speed depending on your needs.


Lasko Floor Fan


Choose the Right Type of Cooling Fan

The type of fan you choose should be based on your own needs and priorities. For example, if you need a more robust fan, don’t hesitate to go with the Lasko Floor Fan or the Lasko Oscillating High-Velocity Fan. On the other hand, if you simply need a basic fan to keep you cool, the Comfort Zone Electric Box Fan may be just what you need. Always consider the size of the space you need to cool before buying any fan.


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