How to remove a window screen step by step has never been easier.

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how to remove window screen
Window screens are an effective solution to keep mosquitoes and other insects out of your home. They are easy to install and offer secure protection against mosquito bites, which can help prevent mosquito-borne diseases. In addition, they will allow you to enjoy a cool breeze without worrying about annoying mosquitoes. Unfortunately, window screens don’t last forever, and they can get damaged because of the weather, the use, maybe a playful pet that broke it, or it’s already too dirty to keep using it.
To learn how to remove a window screen, you need to identify the style and type of window you have.
For example, some houses have double-hung windows, the most common type. There are sliding windows too, and casement windows. You need to know if your window is inside or outside, so you can manipulate it accordingly.
Once you have identified which window you have, you are ready to start removing your window screen.

For sliding windows:

  1. Open the window as much as possible

  2. Move the screen to the top part of the window

  3. Hold the tabs on the window screen at their lowest part

  4. Push it outward from the window

  5. Rotate the screen

  6. Try to get the screen out of the window


For casement windows:

  1. Locate the window screen’s tabs

  2. Pull the tabs at the same time

  3. The window screen will pop out 

  4. Remove the screen


For double hung windows:

  1. Raise the lower part of the window frame

  2. Push to the top part of the screen up

  3. At the same time, pull on the tabs or pins at the bottom of the screen

  4. Push outward; the screen should pop out of the sash

  5. Twist and remove the screen

how to remove window screen

After you install a new window screen, always make sure to adjust the screen as needed so that it fits snugly and completely covers the window. And last but not least, check that the screen opens and closes correctly and that any obstacles do not obstruct it. 
Now that you know how to remove and change a window screen, you’re ready to get a new one and change yours! You can find everything you need to do so here at Max Warehouse, including different types and sizes of screen windows.


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