Tips & Tricks for Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

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If you're greeted by rays of warming sunshine, fresh flower buds beginning to poke through the soil, and jubilant birds serenading you with songs when you walk outside your door, then that can mean only one thing: spring has officially sprung. 


Now turn around and walk back inside your home. Are you now greeted by remnants of all those cooked holiday feasts still lingering on the bottom of your oven, motes of dust floating through the air and clutter seemingly everywhere you look? All signs indicate that it must be time to compile and begin checking items off your spring cleaning checklist. Read on for tips and tricks to ensure 2022 is your year of clean. 


Tips & Tricks for Your Spring Cleaning Checklist 


Getting Started on Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist 

Some people are naturally good at planning and preparing to tackle a daunting task. Others may feel the urge to jump right in without a solid plan and then feel overwhelmed. When faced with such an extensive list of to-dos, some put off those items that feel too daunting or time-consuming. No matter which type of spring cleaner you typically are, a solid plan and checklist can save you from becoming too overwhelmed to knock all those chores off your list. 


Consider breaking your clean goals into bite-sized chunks rather than attempting to complete all your deep cleaning in a single day or weekend. Instead, aim for working on a cleaning task for about 20 minutes a day and spread the work over 30 days, or even more, if needed. In addition, put in the time to plan and compile cleaning checklists for each room in your house, so you know what needs to be completed every time you begin to tackle a new area.  


Before getting started, take stock of the essential household items you use regularly and restock anything you're running low on. Then, save yourself the hassle of running out of products you use daily while completing a large cleaning project. 


Getting Started on Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist


Preparing With the Right Supplies 

Create a cleaning supplies list to ensure you have all the tools needed to kick off your cleaning journey. Keep in mind that you may need some specialized kitchen cleaning supplies or a bathroom cleaner that won't damage certain surfaces or easily tackle other messes. For example, a mild dish soap solution works well on countertops, baseboards, windowsills, and many more surfaces. An easy way to apply is to add a little dish soap to a spray bottle filled with warm water. 


You might also need a carpet cleaning solution such as Folex, vinegar, or white vinegar might also be helpful for specific tasks, and remember to always have a glass cleaner in hand. Another must-have cleaning product is microfiber cloth; it will be beneficial for many different cleaning tasks, like dusting, cleaning windows and mirrors, and shining stainless steel areas. 


Although some specialty products may be necessary for specific areas, try to hold back from purchasing every type of cleaner known to humankind. It may be tempting to buy everything that catches your eye, but this ultimately could add additional clutter in your home during a time when you're trying to declutter. 


Overloading your home with harsh chemicals isn't necessarily conducive to creating a fresh and healthy environment. Now is a great time to consider switching to more naturally derived cleaning and household products, such as Seventh Generation or Method cleaning supplies 


Right Supplies for Spring Cleaning


Cleaning Tips To Save Time and Energy 

Staying organized throughout the spring cleaning process will pay off dividends, both as you work through your checklist and when you're finishing up. To keep decluttering from feeling like an overwhelming and impossible venture, a pro tip is to equip yourself with four boxes that will become your best friends as you move from room to room. Label one of each of your boxes with the following instructions: 
  • Donate or sell 

  • Repair 

  • Find the correct home 

  • Trash 


Rather than stopping what you're doing and tending to items you come across that fit into one of these categories, simply put it in the correct box and address them when you've finished up the task at hand. For example, if you find something in the junk drawer and its right home should be upstairs, put it in the box to rehome later rather than pausing to make an unnecessary trip. 


While scrubbingwipingpolishing, and vacuuming, clean like a pro by working from top to bottom. Wipe off surfaces and items higher up before cleaning anything below them. Cleaning from top to bottom ensures you'll only need to reach for that floor cleaner once, rather than constantly cleaning up dust and debris off the ground as you go. 


Cleaning Tips To Save Time and Energy


Don't Overlook the Often-Forgotten Tasks 

You're probably accustomed to constantly cleaning your countertops and stovetop if you cook frequently. If you have children, pets, or lots of high-traffic areas in your home, you may find your floors regularly get a good sweepingvacuuming, or mopping. A deep clean is a perfect time to locate areas that may not receive time and attention.  


Add tasks to your list such as wiping down cabinets, laundering drapes, cleaning the shower curtain liner, eliminating dust mites from the ceiling fan, washing the floor mat, and completing a thorough window cleaning both inside and outside. Also, a clean washing machine is essential to prevent your clothes and washing machine from getting ruined, so don't forget to add this cleaning task to your list. 


Don't Overlook the Often-Forgotten Tasks


While making and completing a spring cleaning checklist is a chore, it doesn't have to feel like an overwhelming and daunting one. Whether it takes a new tool to get you excited about cleaning up your home or the idea of a new, tidy and clean environment to come home to, there's no better ally than Max to find everything you need to make your home glow and refreshed for spring! 



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