7 Outdoor Activities for Families of All Ages

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It's easy to get into the habit of doing all indoor activities with your family, from watching movies to hanging out on your phones to playing board games. While there's nothing wrong with these pastimes, there are also plenty of outdoor activities that give your family exercise, bonding experiences, and more time in the great outdoors. Here are seven of the best ways to have outdoor fun.


Outdoor Activities for Families


1. Camping

Going camping can be as intense as taking your camping gear into the middle of nowhere for the week or as simple as spending the night at your local state park. Choose an itinerary that works for your kids' experiences and ages, and keep your own camping knowledge in mind. For example, if you've only gone camping once and your kids are toddlers, a local expedition is your best bet.


Check with your park to see whether amenities such as fire pits or picnic areas are included in your reservation. Your camping checklist should include as much equipment as you need for your outdoor adventure:


It's always better to overpack than underpack, so don't be afraid to stuff your car.




2. Biking

Riding bikes is an essential skill for any kid, and it's one you can enjoy in the middle of a camping trip or in your neighborhood. Stock up on cycling gear such as helmets, bike chains, and lights to ensure that your first outing doesn't end at the emergency room. Don't forget to purchase basic repair supplies, so that you can address any problems without stopping your biking lesson. When it comes to flat tires on your bike, they can be avoided with "Slime", our best-selling brand. For the more experienced ones mountain biking is a great outdoor recreation option, just remember to be careful and take every precaution.




3. Playing Ball Games

Some of the most fun outdoor activities for kids are also the simplest. Teaching your kids ball games such as tennis, basketball, and soccer is a great way to elevate everyone's heart rate and enjoy the fresh air. Include your favorite backyard games as well as official sports:

  • Kickball

  • Capture the Flag

  • Kick the Can

  • Dodgeball

  • Football


With tennis or racquet balls, a soccer ball, and a few jump ropes, you're ready for hours of fun and recreation with your kids, especially if you encourage them to come up with their own games.


Playing ball games

4. Hiking

Hikes can be as short as one mile or as long as 20. Gauge your kids' interest in and stamina for walking, and then plan a scenic route through some mountains near you or around a lake. Bring essential hiking gear, including boots, water bottles, and backpacks, to ensure that your kids have everything they need for a successful trek. When you're on the trail, tell stories, sing songs, and look for different kinds of wildlife to pass the time and distract the kids from their tired legs. You can also search for small river paths and have fun fishing with your kids, remember to enjoy all the beautiful scenery from this kind of outdoor experience, or even do some birding!




5. Cooking Outside

Having a picnic doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice your love of fine dining. Purchase a charcoal grill to have upscale food wherever you go, and teach your kids how to cook over its flames. A portable cheeseboard adds elegance to any meal, whether you're eating in your backyard or picnicking by the beach. As a bonus, your kids are more likely to be interested in cooking if it's in an unusual setting, so cooking outdoors gives you the chance to teach your kids some valuable kitchen skills and spent some quality family time.


Outdoor cooking - grills and picnic


6. Swimming

Not only is swimming a great way to cool off during the hot summer months, but it's also a necessary skill. Teaching your kids how to swim gives them the freedom to enjoy pools, oceans, and lakes and increases their safety around these bodies of water. If you have a backyard pool, order some pool floats to keep your kids safe and start your swimming freestyle and treading water lessons. If you don't have your own pool, contact your city for the public pool's hours, or spend an afternoon at a nearby lake. To make the day more relaxing, stock your ice chest with family-friendly beverages for your breaks.




7. Gardening

If you have just a few feet of grass that receive sunlight, you have enough outdoor space for a garden. Once you've chosen the perfect spot, clear out the grass and add an eco-friendly fertilizer if your soil is poor. Then, choose a few simple plants to grow for your first try:

  • Green beans

  • Tomatoes

  • Cucumbers

  • Peppers

  • Zucchini

  • Pumpkins


Growing your food gives you and your kids exercise and fosters conversations about nutrition and sustainability. Also, kids are more likely to eat vegetables that they've picked on their own, so encourage your kids to take ownership of your project.




Spending time in the great outdoors means having more fun than when you're inside, not giving up your comforts. When it comes to outdoor activities, count on Max Warehouse to provide the supplies you need to keep your kids safe and entertained.


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