9 Camping Activities for the Whole Family

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Few things say summer fun more than camping! So as the weather gets warmer, families all across the country start making plans to spend some quality time together out in nature. After all, there are few better places to enjoy each other's company than sitting in the woods, by a lake, or around a campfire.  


Whether you're an experienced camper or not - and prefer a well-appointed campground with amenities or the rustic backcountry - here is a list of nine fun camping activities for the whole family!  


Camping Activities for the Whole Family


1. Make a Campfire  

Making a campfire should always be a top priority when family camping. Fire serves a multitude of essential functions: it's a gathering place for friends and family, it serves as a place to warm up after a swim or a cold day, it's a place to cook, it's a site to instruct children in fire safety - and lots more. It's never too early to teach kids about campfires!  


As you prepare your fire, you can teach kids how to select a site (if one is not pre-established) while reviewing the process of collecting kindling and firewood. If you're up for it, you can even show them how to cook over a fire (or at least how to roast marshmallows). Then, once the fire is roaring, you can make smores, talk and laugh, tell campfire stories or sing songs - whatever you like! Just don't forget to come prepared with all the supplies you need for your camping trip. 


Make a Campfire


2. Go Hiking  

Whether setting up a campsite at a campground or establishing one at some nondescript place in the woods, hiking is always a fun activity to add to the camping experience. Aside from providing great exercise, hiking can allow you and your family to explore the backcountry intimately. It also serves as a tremendous educational opportunity: you and your younger kids can study the different kinds of trees, plants, insects, animals, rocks, and more along the trails.


Go Hiking   


3. Play Games  

You can play many fun camping games wherever you decide to camp. Hide and seek, camping charades, nature scavenger hunt, playing sports, and more are all great options, depending on the details of your given campsite. You can also try artistic activities, like crafting or building fairy houses. If there's water nearby, you can even swim and play various camping games in the water! Of course, you can always play a card game for the older kids, and board games might be better for the young kids.  


Play Outdoor Games


4. Go Biking  

Biking offers another exciting family camping activity if your kids are old enough. With a sufficient stock of bike supplies, you can make your bikes your primary means of transportation as you explore the backcountry. Or, if you're looking for something a little less rustic, you can bring bikes to your campsite and go on short trips to enjoy the great outdoors.  


Go Biking


5. Stargaze  

There are few things as beautiful as the night sky in nature. The farther away from city lights, the clearer and brighter the stars and the planets will be. This can be especially exciting for younger kids who are used to the light pollution of a big city. Bring along a portable telescope and show your family the stars to make it even more exciting. Always make sure to have the right camping gear to enjoy a great time. 




6. Grill Outdoors  

Cooking over a fire can sometimes be tricky, and it isn't for everyone. A portable camping grill offers another convenient option for cooking while camping. Whether you're making burgers, hot dogs, or veggies, a grill is an easy way to add wholesome, delicious, home-cooked food to the camping experience.  


Hibachi camping grill


7. Build a Shelter  

Another fun camping activity for kids involves building a rustic shelter. You can teach your kids the basics of creating refuge in the woods, helping them find branches, twigs, brushes, and other materials to construct a simple shelter that keeps the elements out. The whole family can even spend the night inside it for some added fun!  


Build a Shelter


8. Climb Trees  

If you are camping on a site with dense tree growth, climbing those trees is always fun. Ideally, you can explore trees of different sizes, depending on your kids' ages. You can teach them about climbing safety and let them enjoy the view from their branch of choice.  


Climb Trees


9. Forage  

Foraging can be especially fun for older children. Using a guidebook (or personal knowledge, if you have it), you can seek out berries, roots, wild herbs, or other edible plants. You can take the opportunity to teach your children about foraging safety - be sure you are entirely confident about anything you find before tasting it!  




Be Safe and Have Fun!  

There are many camping activities you can choose for having fun with the whole family. Let the list above be a source of inspiration but not a limitation. At Max, we have everything you need for your camping activities, so have fun, be safe, and enjoy the outdoors!



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