How to Choose the Best Dog Treats

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What are the best dog treats? Unfortunately, there's no one answer since different dogs prefer different snacks. The good news is there are so many options on the market that you're bound to find a munchable your pup loves. But, of course, we know that you want to give them the best as a pet parent, so if you need a little help, here is a list of how to choose the best dog treats 


How to Choose the Best Dog Treats


Finding the Best Dog Treat 

Determining your dogs' preferred treats is a case of trial and error. Since your furry friend can't tell you their preference, you have to give him small test amounts and see how he reacts. Whining is a good sign, as it's a dog's way of trying to get your attention. Dogs will also gobble up a tasty morsel or take it to their favorite chewing spot. If your dog spits out a treat or sniffs it once and turns away, it's not a winner.  


Choosing Slow-Eating Treats  

Slow-eating treats are great for keeping a dog occupied. For example, if you have a plumber coming over and want to soothe your pup during work, you can offer a slow-eating treat.  


Hollow dog toys are a great way to turn nearly any pet food into a long-lasting treat. You fill the toy with kibble, and your dog can spend hours happily munching away.  


Finding the Best Dog Treat


Supplementing Nutrition  

Sometimes dogs need supplements for a health condition or lack proper nutrition due to picky eating. The right nutritional treat ensures your puppy gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals for a long, happy life. If you have a senior dog, look for healthy soft dog treats that are easy to chew.  


Carrying Treats in Your Pocket  

Are you working on reactivity with your pet and need treats you can conveniently carry while out on a walk? If so, your best bet is to find small snacks that you can easily pack in a Ziploc bag. Make sure they're not too soft, or they may get mushed in your pocket.  


Pet treats with Supplementing Nutrition


Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth  

Teeth cleaning is just as necessary for dogs as it is for humans. Without proper dental care, plaque can build up on canines' teeth, causing decay. Fortunately, the right dog treats can help keep your pup's teeth pearly white. The best part is that dogs only think of these as tasty snacks, enjoying the cleaning process. You can also go with a dental chew such as the Himalayan pet cheese grain-free dental chew or the Hartz dentist's best bacon grain-free dental chew


Getting a Variety  

Dogs can get bored of the same-old food just like humans, so make sure you get a variety of snacks. For example, if you have a pet treat dispenser, refill it with a different brand every time. If you are puppy training or need dog training treat the Etta Says! Sit! peanut butter training treat is a great option. When you find the right dog treats, you can sign up for pet treats on auto-ship to ensure you never run out of your pup's favorite treats.  


Get a Variety of Pet Treats


Considering Animal Parts  

Not all dogs can digest animal parts, but if your pups don't have any gastrointestinal issues, they may enjoy these dried treats:   Just make sure you don't give your dog too many of these at a time, as they're high in fat and calories.  


Buying Soft Treats  

Soft dog treats are ideal for training since they're easier to eat than biscuits. They also make less of a mess since they don't leave crumbs all over the place. However, remember that soft treats can dry out, so make sure you store them in air-tight containers.  


Soft Pet Treats


Thinking About Treats' Smells  

Did you know that dogs prefer smelly treats? The stronger the scent, the higher the "value" to smell-oriented canines. Soft treats have a more pungent smell than dry treats, so if you want to create a hierarchy of snacks, keep some tender treats in reserve.  


Treating With a Jerky Treat 

If you want a healthy treat with few to no additives, jerky is a great option. Jerky treats for dogs are usually freeze-dried meats, though you can occasionally find fruits. While not as easy to eat as soft-chew snacks, jerky doesn't crunch like a dog biscuit and is gentle on the digestive system compared to rawhides.  


Jerky Treat


Offering Fast-Eating Treats  

Training requires lots of reinforcement, and treats are a top choice since many dogs are highly food-motivated. You can use nearly any snack your dog likes as a reward, but small, fast-eating treats work best. Soft snacks, bits of freeze-dried meat, and cheese are all considered fast-eating treats.  


Providing a Satisfying Crunch  

Dog biscuits come in a wide range of sizes, making them one of the best treats for small dogs who may be overwhelmed by larger snacks. Just make sure you check the size of baked treats before you buy. Most brands put the size right on the container's front. Biscuits are another great option if you like to buy in bulk, as they last a long time. You can even get variety packs, so your pups have their choices of flavors. 


Pet Treats with Satisfying Crunch   


Are you feeding your dogs with high-value treats? You can find a wide variety of healthy, tasty snacks for your furry friends here at Max! If you have questions, call our Experience Makers 1-800-210-0132 or chat with us! 



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