How to Find the Best Grill for Your Home

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Make this the year you utilize your outdoor kitchen as much as you use your indoor one. There is something special about sitting around an outdoor grill and enjoying the weather while enjoying each other's company. There is no easy way to narrow down your selections when it comes to finding the best grills for your home.  


From electric grills to hibachi grills, there are so many options out there. Here are a few suggestions on how to find the best grill for your home. 



How to Find the Best Grill for Your Home


Decide on Type  

The type of grill you choose depends on various factors, including your budget, taste preferences, and preferred grilling style. Here are some of the most popular types of grills available for purchase:  


Electric grills¬†are convenient because they require very little work to operate compared to some other grill types. When looking for an electric grill, consider the different types available‚ÄĒfor example, open-faced outdoor grills, clamshell grills, and portable grills.¬†Electric grills¬†also come in different sizes, from 200 square inches to 600 square inches. The best electric grill options include strong head controls, removable cooking plates, and a temperature gauge.¬†¬†


Firepit grills are ideal for your rustic outdoor cooking needs. If you want a grill that can make mouthwatering food over your fire pit, a fire pit grill is probably an excellent option for you. A fire pit grill will also allow you to enhance your outdoor space with a comfortable cooking area to spend the best time with your family and friends.  


Electric and Firepit Grills


Charcoal and gas grills are some of the most popular grills available. Charcoal grills utilize a low-cost fuel source (charcoal) that lends a delicious flavor to foods while they're grilling. Charcoal grills are also affordable and work great for families on a budget. If you're looking for a small grill, consider hibachi grills. The Marsh Allen Hibachi charcoal grill black is a great lightweight, portable grill perfect for camping or another outdoor activity. 


Gas grills are easy to use. Simply turn the gas on, set your desired temperature with the attached knobs, and grill away! In addition to larger gas grills, there are also portable gas grills that are lightweight and easy to take camping, tailgating, or wherever else you want to cook grilled foods. Of course, small gas grills can't cook a high volume of food at once, but they are incredibly convenient. For example, the Char-Broil 1 burner Liquid Propane Grill is a portable, compact gas grill surprisingly powerful for its size. It features enough space for 8 hamburger patties or 12 hot dogs!  


Charcoal and Gas Grills


A Kamado grill is a charcoal grill that is insulated inside. These grills are built similarly to traditional grills used in China and Japan. However, these grills are egg-shaped and have plenty of space inside for grilling and generating airflow. The best kamado grill is made from ceramic, though the types made from cast iron and steel can also be quite durable. The Kamado Joe Charcoal Kamado Grill and Smoker is a great bbq grill with a unique ceramic cooking feature that improves heat retention, fuel efficiency, and smoking ability. 


Last but not least on this list are smoker grills. The best smoker grills are easy to use and very safe. They come with temperature control options and move the heat and smoke further away from your meat. Smoker grills do take a little longer to warm up initially, but this drawback is no big deal for many at-home grillers. For example, the Oklahoma Joe's Bronco Charcoal Drum BBQ Smoker  features 284 square inches of primary cooking space, perfect for your favorite smoky flavor. 


Pellet grills¬†are a great option; they work similarly to an oven‚ÄĒyou set your desired temperature, and they'll automatically maintain the perfect heat level to cook your food. For example, the¬†Oklahoma Joe's Rider Wood Pellet Grill¬†features 617 square inches of porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking space and enough room to cook a flavorful family dinner.¬†¬†


Kamado, Smoker & Pellet Grills


Grill Size and Shape  

No matter what type of outdoor grill you decide to purchase, it's essential to ensure it's the right size and shape for your needs. Where will you keep your grill? Will it have a permanent spot in your outdoor kitchen or cooking area, or do you plan to take it on vacations and camping trips? What you plan to do with your grill will help determine your purchase size.  


Carts and Wheels  

Some grills come with carts for storage purposes. If you want a grill with a cart, make sure the cart is sturdy and made from materials that won't rust easily in inclement weather. If you choose a grill with wheels, make sure you can move it around quickly and that the wheels function smoothly.  


Side Burners  

It can be convenient to have a side burner on your grill for warming sauces or making side dishes while you grill your main meal. Side burners are not necessary, however, to enjoy delicious grilled food. It's up to you whether you think the best grills have side burners included or not. You also can buy a standalone burner if you don't want to pay hundreds of dollars extra for a grill that has one built-in. 


Grills with storage and wheels 


Grilling Accessories & Seasonings

When you're buying your first grill, you should also purchase related accessories. Essential grilling accessories include:  


You might also consider buying grilling gloves to grill your food without burning yourself. If you plan to keep your grill out in the elements, some cover is essential for keeping it in good condition throughout the year. You may also consider storing your grill in a garage or other enclosed area during inclement weather conditions.  


A natural gas conversion kit can also come in handy to turn your propane gas grill into a natural gas grill. The Blackstone quick connect natural gas conversion kit is an excellent option. 


Grilling Accessories & Seasonings


Find the Best Grills for Your Needs  

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