Perfect Pet Gifts for Celebrating Your Furry Friends

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Pets are beloved friends, family members, and laugh factories. If you are a pet parent spending time together walking, cuddling, playing, or just relaxing is perhaps the greatest gift of all, but that doesn't mean you can't give your pets presents! Whether it's to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or just any day, you have a huge selection of fun and practical pet gifts 


Perfect Pet Gifts for Celebrating Your Furry Friends


Pawsome Playthings  

Even pets who already have a favorite toy will appreciate some variety. Luckily, finding the best dog toys is easy and fun:  
  • Old-school squeaky toys are classics for a reason, and these days they come in every style and shape, from hippos to hamburgers to footballs with gum-massaging spikes.  

  • Ball launchers give your pup a longer chase space, and replaceable covers give balls a longer life. You can even find floating balls for swim games and fetch and treat-dispensing balls for solo play.  

  • Braided rope toys stand up to vigorous bouts of tug of war and come in many shapes.  

  • Humans aren't the only ones who like plush animals! Is there anything cuter than Fido cuddling with a fuzzy sloth, rabbit, or hedgehog?  


Dog Toys


Remember to pick up the purrfect toys for cats:  


  • Don't tell the dogs, but cats like balls too, especially when they contain jingle bells (or try balls made of foam or rubber for a quieter playtime).  

  • Catnip isn't just for mice anymore. How about a wand toy made with compressed catnip or a bottle of catnip-infused bubbles?  

  • Batting around a herd of multicolor unicorns will make Kitty's day a bit more magical, or she can stay down to earth with a mouse made of natural seagrass.  

  • Wand toys are an excellent way to bond with your cat through play; whether you choose the sturdy rope version or the flashy fish, your cat and your arm will get a fun workout.  

  • Your feline friends will be fascinated by a Flippity Fish that's motioned activated and includes a rechargeable battery.  

  • A slinky cat tunnel encourages catnaps and surprise pounces, or there's the ultimate all-in-one toy: a cat crinkle tent that includes dangling toys, a ball track, and a carpeted base for scratching.  


Cat Toys


Showing Some Style  

Another great gift is to help them look their best. Don't give up if your furry friend initially resists being groomed. Pets have preferences, too, and many different styles of brushes and combs are available. Fashion-forward dogs will love the compliments (and scritches!) a seasonally appropriate bandana attracts. A polka dot collar lets cats get in on the fun, while an oversize scratching post helps keep their claws in tip-top condition.  



Pet Fashion


Sweet Slumber Solutions  

cozy bed your pet can have all to themselves is an easy way to pamper your fuzzball. Choosing the right size, firmness, and fabric is the first step, and you can customize further with pet bed accessories. For example, a bed with a washable cover will last longer and help cut down on free-floating pet hair; you can also freshen up an old bed with a new cushion. If your furry friend has arthritis (or just loves being in the backyard no matter how low the temperature drops), a heated pet mat that you can slip into a pet bed may be a solution. You can even try an orthopedic pet bed. For smaller pets such as hamsters or rabbits, experiment with different natural and synthetic bedding types to figure out which they like best.  


Pet bed


Time To Talk Treats!  

While training may be the first thing you think of when it comes to pet treats, don't overlook other benefits that come disguised in a tasty treat. Specially formulated dental treats help keep your pet's teeth healthy, and dogs with strong jaws can be redirected from chewing on shoes and furniture with natural bone or rawhide sticks. Pill pocket treats help the medicine go down when your pet is under the weather. You can put cat treats shaped like snack mix or a carrot-shaped biscuit for your bunny in the just-for-fun category.  


As a pet owner, you might have already discovered your furry family member's favorite treat, so forget about last-minute errands with Auto-Ship, schedule your pet treats and get them on time every time.


Pet Treats on Auto-Ship


Dainty Dining  

Speaking of nom-noms, your pet may be overdue for some upgraded dinner dishes. It's important to keep pet bowls clean and change them regularly; dishwasher-safe versions can be helpful here. Many cats prefer wide, shallow bowls because they don't like their whiskers touching anything while eating or drinking. Stands that raise bowls a few inches off the ground can put less strain on your pet's neck, and an automatically replenishing water fountain helps keep pets hydrated. You can even find chew-proof bowls, collapsable travel bowls, and heated bowls that keep food warm outdoors.  


Pet Bowls


Perfect Pet Gifts for Celebrating Your Furry Friends 

Pet gifts are a loving way to enrich your animal companions' lives in fun and practical ways. We have a great selection of pet products here at Max for dogs, cats, and small animals, and we can help you find the perfect pet gifts for your furry friends. 


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