The Perfect Pool Floats to Enjoy This Summer

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When temperatures climb, few activities are better for beating the heat than lounging in a pool float. Regardless of your age, you get more out of your pool by investing in some pool floats. After you finish your dip in the water, you can climb onto your favorite inflatable float and relax. You also may want to purchase some fun pool toys to entertain yourself, your guests, and the little ones in your family.


Here is our list of the perfect pool floats to enjoy this summer.


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The Perfect Pool Float for Relaxing

Whether you have an above-ground pool or an in-ground one, you work diligently to keep your pool's water sparkly and clear. Choosing the right chemicals, products, and pool accessories is essential. After the work is done, though, you want to relax on a comfortable pool float. When it comes to pool floats for adults, the Swimways Blue Fabric/Mesh Inflatable Mattress Floating Pool Mat is hard to beat.


This mat provides support for your upper body while allowing your buttocks to sit in the water. It also has luxury details, like a cup holder and footrest, that make you feel like you are spending a day at the spa. This inflatable pool float is most appropriate for adults.


The Perfect Pool Float for Lying Down

If sitting upright is not your thing, the best pool floats for you may look more like a bed than a chair. With flat pool floats, you lounge horizontally in or above the water. The perfect pool float for lying down on the surface of your pool is the Pool Springs Float.


Available in a few contrasting colors, the Pool Springs Float from Swimways. This mattress-style float has a mesh pad that allows water to surround your body without letting you submerge. Even better, because this float has a uni-chamber design, it inflates quickly. This feature, of course, gives you the ability to transport the float easily.


Lying down pool floats


The Perfect Pool Floats Without Mesh

Some pool enthusiasts simply do not enjoy lounging on mesh. While mesh is a popular material on modern pool inflatables, you have plenty of mesh-free options. These include floats that keep your body entirely out of the water and floats that allow you to submerge.


If submerging in refreshing water appeals to you, the perfect mesh-free float is the Intex Blue Vinyl Inflatable Floating Pool Mat. This mat has dozens of air chambers that cushion your spine. Between these chambers are channels that allow water to flow around your body. Furthermore, the thick vinyl on this mat resists tears and punctures, ensuring you can enjoy your float with little fuss all summer long.


The Perfect Round Pool Float

Unlike mattress-style floats, round pool floats allow you to lounge in any direction you choose. If you have a child, you can also typically lounge with a young one or two on round pool floats. While tube-style floats remain popular, you may be looking for something a bit more grownup.


International Leisure Blue/White Plastic Inflatable Floating Lounger has a round design with a mesh mat. This float keeps your head and feet out of the water while allowing your body to submerge. Because the mesh is comfortable, you can relax for hours on your round pool float without worrying about skin irritation.


Round pool floats


The Perfect Pool Toys for Active Swimmers

While lounging in your pool on hot summer days is relaxing, you may want to get some physical exercise in the water. If swimming laps are not for you, you may want to consider an inflatable net. With this type of net, you can volley beach balls or other balls to your friends and family members. Keep score for a fun and competitive pool party.


The Intex Multicolored Vinyl Inflatable Volleyball Pool Game is a high-quality game everyone in your social circle is sure to love this summer. This game has an inflatable base and a net that stretches between inflatable uprights, giving you a volleyball court inside your pool. While this game is not likely suitable for anyone under the age of 6, older children and adults get hours of entertainment from it. If you are looking for something more simple, a pool noodle could be a great way to enjoy your time in the pool.


To add more summer fun for the kids, there is a variety of thematic pool floats you can choose from, a unicorn float with bright colors, a flamingo, mermaid, donut, or swan float are great examples.


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The Perfect Water Gun for Inside the Pool

Even though pool games are ideal for most families, part of the fun of lounging on a pool float is splashing others with water. If you or your kids want to play war in the pool, you need the perfect water gun. Some water guns, though, work better on solid ground than in the water.


The Stream Machine Polypropylene Assorted Water Gun sucks up pool water quickly. Then, with the release of the trigger, this water gun launches a steady stream of water. Made from resilient materials, the Stream Machine water gun can put up with significant punishment.


Pool water guns


The Perfect Way To Enjoy Your Summer

Clearly, pool floats, water toys, and water guns allow you to get more out of your in-ground or above-ground swimming pool. If you do not yet have a swimming pool on your property, it may be time to install the best above ground pool for your outdoor lifestyle.


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