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Frequently Asked Questions

Auto-ship lets you schedule regular deliviries so you never run out on home essentials. Shop our selection of elegible products, choose a delivery schedule that suits you best, save 10% on your first order and 5% on every delivery after that.

Joining is easy and its free! You can do so while browsing on a product page or a collection page, you will find items that are eligible for the Auto-ship program by identifying the “Auto-Ship” logo. Proceed to select Auto-Ship

Yup! No strings attached, no extra cost to use, pause or cancel anytime.

When you make an order with Auto-Ship, you’ll save 10% the first time. Then, 5% on all future deliveries.

At Max, we want to make your life easier, which is why we have selected all categories that we know will make your life easier when it comes to recurrent purchases. Check them out here If there is an item you would like to subscribe to that isn’t available for subscriptions, contact our experience makers!

The power is in your hands, you have until 48 hours before your scheduled Auto-Ship order is processes to skip it. Head to https://www.maxwarehouse.com/apps/subscriptions , click on Manage Subscriptions, then head to upcoming orders, and skip the order of your preference at no cost!

The power is in your hands, you can update your frequency at any time for your convenience. Head to https://www.maxwarehouse.com/apps/subscriptions , click on Manage Subscriptions, and edit your order frequency to your desired recurrence.

You can use Max Points to save on your Auto-Ship order, you’ll see the option to apply your points towards your purchase in the checkout page. Unfortunately for now promo codes, gift cards and other discounts can’t be applied to Auto-Ship orders.

Head to https://www.maxwarehouse.com/apps/subscriptions , click on Manage Subscriptions, proceed to your upcoming orders and view your next order date.

Log into your Max account and click on subscriptions under “My Account”. Select the active tab to view your current active subscriptions and select any of them to proceed with the subscription cancellation. Note: If the subscription is canceled prior to the next order date, it will be effective immediately. If there are any shipments in progress, the subscription will be canceled after final shipments are delivered.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription within any given timeframe at no additional cost.

This will happen if a specific item is out of stock, or we weren’t able to charge your credit card successfully. If its either of these, expect to receive a call from our Experience Makers to help you find a solution. Note: You will not be charged for either instance, and the next delivery will arrive on your selected frequency.

Product pricing fluctuates from time to time, if this happens to one of your subscription items, don’t think twice to reach out to our experience makers for additional support.

Changing your shipping address for your Auto-Ship order is easy, simply head to https://www.maxwarehouse.com/apps/subscriptions, click on manage my subscriptions, head to your shipping address, and update it to your desired shipping address.

Our Experience Makers will always be here to support you, call us at +1 (800) 210-0132 or email us at info@maxwarehouse.com