Our Shipping Policy


Here at Max Warehouse, we put your needs first, with a shipping policy that’s both simple to read and easy to understand – just like doing business with us.


Our full shipping policy is as follows, and if you have any questions our customer service reps are standing by for your call, all you need to do is reach out, and we’ll be right there to help.


In short, we’ll happily send your products anywhere in the United States, with the exceptions of Alaska, Hawaii, and APO/FPO addresses


Shipping Costs:


  • Enjoy FREE shipping (up to 10 lbs dimensional weight) for all orders over $49.

    If your order is a little heavier, or a little larger than 10 lbs dimensional weight, please note there will be additional charges to cover the shipping costs - as much as I'd like to offer free shipping on every order, it's just not possible on certain items. You can calculate and see the full details for your order on the checkout page.


  • All Other Shipping Costs Calculated Immediately.

    If your order doesn’t qualify for free shipping, you can see the shipping costs by simply entering the ship-to-zip information in your shopping cart on the checkout page.



Delivery, Cut-off, and Shipping Timeframes:


Once your order is received, we confirm to process your order within 1-3 business days. It’s generally on the quicker end of this scale, but these are estimates, and there are external influences that can impact our ability to get your shipment processed as fast as possible.


In most cases, shipping will take 1 to 5 business days, and you’ll receive your purchase within 2 to 8 business days (that’s the total time from your order to its final delivery).


We commit to processing your order as quickly as we can, but it’s important you do understand the process. The warehouses we partner with do influence our shipping and delivery dates, along with their internal operations in ensuring a smooth shipping process.


I guarantee we’ve taken every step to ensure your packages are delivered as quickly as we can. Still, I believe it’s essential to be upfront and let you know that certain elements, like the particular shipping method, cut-off timings, and even the weather, can have an impact.


We’ve taken steps to communicate the expected shipment times for all of our products (that we can) on the individual product info pages, so you’re aware upfront of the timings.



Shipping Options:


Our customers enjoy the luxury of three different shipping options, so you can choose between Standard, Two-Day and One-Day Delivery to find the solution that best suits your specific needs.


With that in mind, please be advised we are subject to the cut-off times of each carrier. The total shipping times will depend on their ability to turn your products around in each of their warehouses. It’s usually pretty fast. All of our shipment times are based on the number of business days, generally Monday to Friday, while excluding weekends and holidays.


You can choose from the following options:

  • Standard delivery: Available 1-5 business days (after shipping.)
  • 2-day delivery: Available 2 business days (after shipping.)
  • 1-day delivery: Available 1 business day (after shipping.)



Immediate Order Confirmations:


As soon as your order has been shipped from the warehouse, you will receive a confirmation email. Inside will be the shipping details, as well as a tracking number you can use to follow the steps of your order until it reaches its final delivery to your door.


What if my product is damaged in transit?


Please pay careful attention on delivery, and if you notice any damage to your package while the carrier is on-site, DO NOT accept the receipt of the damaged products.


We are here to help, and all you need to do is document what’s happened and let us know. Please take a few pictures of the damaged items for the record. Once you refuse to accept delivery, the next step is to make quick and immediate contact with our customer service team so we can help find a solution with your best interests in mind.


What if I only notice the damage after it’s been delivered?


If you have only noticed the damage once an item has been delivered, please make immediate contact with our customer service team.


So long as you’ve notified us within 30 days of receiving the order, we will be able to apply for a refund on your behalf or request a replacement item to be sent. Again, we will need pictures of the damage for our records, and with these our customer service team will help coordinate the best solution for your specific circumstances.


What if I need to change my address?


To comply with the tax laws in each state, it’s not possible to change the delivery address after confirming an order. When you are at the final stages of the checkout, please take the time to verify your shipping details are correct before making the purchase. As much as I would like to be flexible for you here, it’s not possible to change the delivery address once an order is made.  

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