Tips for Maximizing Spring Bird Feeding

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When it comes to attracting birds to your yard, there is no better time than spring. This is when the birds are active and singing and when they are adorned in their most colorful plumage. It is also the optimal season to take your bird feeding to the next level, with a few smart purchases, you increase your ability to see hummingbirds, chickadees, woodpeckers, titmice, finches, and grosbeaks at close range. Here you will learn a few spring bird feeding tips to maximize and enjoy your experience. 


A smart place to start is by looking at our overall selection of items for attracting birds to your outdoor space. This will give you a good idea of the possibilities and can help you plan out new strategies for bringing the feathered friends to your backyard or deck. It will also help you find the best values for bird foods and for replacing feeders and other necessities. 


Tips for Maximizing Spring Bird Feeding  


Start With the Best Bird Feeders  

It is nice to have multiple bird feeders as this allows you to attract the greatest diversity of species. This is also a logical place to start to map out how your yard will look when you are done. In most cases, it makes sense to have two or three feeders clustered together in a spot that has a little bit of cover for the birds. Then if you have more space, you could set up separate areas for the different birds. 


What type of feeders you want depends a little on your personal preference and on the types of birds you want to see. A bird feeding station is a smart choice. The North States station has space to hang multiple feeders on it, and at seven feet high it will deter squirrels from hogging all of the food. Since you can hang many types of feed on the arms, this choice allows you to draw in a variety of birds. 


Of course, you have many other types of bird feeders to choose from. The following options are some of our most popular feeders: 


If you are looking for squirrel-proof feeders, the Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone feeder has many nice features. It has four feeding ports and a weight-activated shield that closes off access when a squirrel hops aboard. Another versatile feeder is the Audubon plastic thistle tube feeder. It has eight feeding ports, holds up to two pounds of food, and comes with a hanging cord. A great option for nectar feeder is the Perky-Pet Hummingbird 8 oz Plastic Nectar Feeder has a classic design and the attention-catching color is irresistible to hummers. 



Best Bird Feeders


Continue With Quality Foods for Bird Feeding  

Once you have the desired feeders, you want to look at getting the best bird feed. With so many options you can select the quantities and varieties that make sense for you. If you have a lot of birds, buying in bulk can save you time and money. 


If you have lots of hummingbirds in your area, you will want to stock up on nectar for these flying jewels. Brands such as Perky-PetKayteeSweet Seed, and Audubon provide quality birds food choices in many sizes and varieties. To round out your feeding supply, consider selecting from an abundant choice of suet cakes


Of course, in addition to bird suet, many types of birds love seeds. A 14 lb. bag of black oil sunflower seeds by Kaytee will last for a while and provide good nutrition for cardinals, grosbeaks, chickadees, and other bird species. A 20 lb bag of sunflower kernels from Wild Delight is specially formulated to attract wild birds to your feeders.  


Quality Foods for Bird Feeding


Finish With Some Delightful Accessories  

There is still more you can do to make your outdoor space a paradise for wild birds. Additional items such as a glass bird bath or some areas of running water can draw in even uncommon birds and increase your enjoyment. The Infinity solar bird bath with stand is nearly a work of art and it will provide a beautiful setting to watch your birds bathe in fresh clean water. 


The Luminous Garden solar bird bath with a collapsible stand is another top choice. This decorative glass bath is light enough that you can move it into the best place for viewing your feathered visitors. Be sure to keep your birds healthy by applying birdbath statuary and cleaner regularly. 


Bird Baths


Spring is the most enjoyable time of the year for bird watching and bird feeding. With the best feeders, food, and accessories here at Max, you can enjoy wild birds like never before. Now is the time to shop our full selection of bird products.



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