What is a belt drive, and what are its uses?

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Belt drive

Belts are a commonly used mechanism for transmitting power between two shafts that are at a distance from each other. A belt drive offers several advantages for this system, including efficient power transfer, quiet operation, and low maintenance requirements. If you're interested in learning more about the properties and applications of belt drives, keep reading! 

What is a belt drive?

A belt drive is a mechanical system that joins two or more pulleys, which are subject to a rotating movement using a continuous belt that holds the pulleys by applying friction force to transmit power from the driving pulley (motor) to the driven pulleys.

It should be noted that the operating principle of the belt drive is the friction force, which makes it different from other mechanical transmission means, such as chains. In addition, the belts used in the past were made of leather, but now they are made of cotton, rayon, nylon, or other synthetic materials.

Belt drive

Advantages of a belt drive

This drive system offers several benefits:

  • No lubrication or maintenance is required.
  • It is very safe and has a low probability of failure.
  • It can reach high speeds compared to chains.
  • Its operation is silent, thanks to the material of which the belt is made.
  • It can absorb shocks and vibrations due to the elasticity of the belts.

Types of drive belts

In the market, it is possible to find a great variety of belts, some of which are:


  • Flat belts. Their cross-section is rectangular, and these were the first belts used for this system, but nowadays, their use is no longer common.
  • Multi-ribbed or grooved belts. These are flat belts with several grooves on one side; they are for pulleys that are also grooved and allow the transmission of large forces without slippage.
  • Round belts. They are usually used in treadle sewing machines and other similar devices.
  • Trapezoidal belts. Also known as V-belts, their cross-section is a trapezoid,  allowing them to increase the friction force between the belt and the pulleys.

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