Choose the Right Type of Sprinkler For Your Garden

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Beautiful gardens and lawns demand some TLC; this includes appropriate pest prevention, fertilizer, and watering. Sprinklers are the best way to ensure that your property gets the proper water when needed. There are a variety of lawn sprinkler systems that can get the job done.  


Choose the Right Type of Sprinkler For Your Garden


Underground Systems  

Installing an underground irrigation system is the most expensive option, but it also delivers the best results. The benefits of an underground system include:  


The system runs on a timer that automatically does all the watering for you, saving you time.  
  • It uses less water than watering by hand.  

  • It ensures that your garden is watered evenly.  

  • An underground system promotes healthy plant growth.  

  • Watering still happens when you're out of town.  


Installing the right sprinkler head is the key to getting the best underground system possible. Sprinkler heads are designed to deliver the water in different ways. By choosing from various spray patterns and other features, you can custom-design the way water gets provided to your lawn.  


When selecting a spray head for your underground system, consider where to use full-circlehalf-circle, and quarter-circle spray patterns. The narrower designs are ideal for corners of your landscape. You don't want to be watering sidewalks or driveways if possible.  


Underground Systems


Above-Ground Systems  

It's not always possible or economically feasible to install an underground system. However, you can still deliver water effectively and efficiently to your garden and lawn with an above-ground sprinkler. You have lots of options here, too, such as:  


  • Rotary sprinklers: these sprinklers typically have three arms that spin when you turn them on, delivering water evenly in a circular pattern. A rotary sprinkler has a wheeled base, making it easy to move in your garden.  


  • Oscillating sprinklers: use these sprinklers for a rectangular-shaped lawn or garden. Attach your hose to this long tube perforated with holes. When you turn on the water, the water pressure causes the pipe to oscillate, spreading the water evenly on both sides of the sprinkler. You can check out the Orbit Pro Series Poly Oscillating Sprinkler; it is ideal for watering large to extra-large rectangular areas. 


  • Pulsating impulse sprinklers: sitting atop a wheeled base is a pulsating impulse sprinkler head that you can adjust from full circle to partial circle.  


  • Sprinkler wands: these are a must-have for hanging baskets or hard-to-reach plants. The long handle extends your reach while the adjustable head allows you to appropriately water plants that need a gentle rainfall.  


Many of these above-ground sprinklers can be connected in a daisy-chain fashion. So if your property is large, you can get all your watering done at once by connecting several sprinklers and still power them with one hose.  



Above-Ground Systems



Orbit Sprinklers  

The Orbit company builds quality sprinklers and sprinkler system components. So whether you want to go above ground or underground with your system, Orbit has the necessary equipment. Take a look at their product line to get inspiration for your garden.  


Your sprinkler doesn't have to be purely practical. You can bring beauty to your garden with the Orbit Copper Decorative Ornamental Spinning Sprinkler. This rotary sprinkler can cover up to 700 square feet and adds a lovely architectural element to your landscape.  


Orbit also has an excellent selection of handheld sprinklers. They attach to your hose and direct a carefully controlled amount of water in a particular spray pattern. These are good choices for potted plants, delicate plants, and corners where other lawn sprinklers can't reach. Styles include:  


Thanks to Orbit's huge election of garden sprinkler options, you can find precisely what will work best in your garden.  


Orbit Sprinklers


Rain Bird Sprinklers  

Rain Bird specializes in underground systems only. They provide all the components you need to customize an irrigation system for your property. You can choose from various sprinkler heads, including drip irrigation heads, pop-up heads, and impact sprinkler heads. Each delivers water differently, giving you flexibility in your watering schematics.  


From Rain Bird, you can also get all the hardware you need to build your underground system; valves, couplers, tubing, timers, and everything else. Because they are all from Rain Bird, you know the components will be compatible with each other and of the highest quality.  


Rain Bird Sprinklers


Installing Your Lawn Sprinkler System  

If you choose an above-ground option, no installation is necessary. However, when not in use, you will need an appropriate storage area to keep your sprinklers and hoses tidy and out of the hot sun.  


It is possible to install an underground system yourself. However, you will have to know your working water pressure rate, your water meter size or pump size if on a well, your service line size, and your flow rate. This information helps you determine which equipment to purchase.  


Then you will map your system, plan for coverage, and dig the trenches. Next, assemble the pipes in the tracks and connect the heads. Next, you connect to the service line and install backflow prevention.  


Working with a professional or experienced handyperson is an excellent idea to ensure every step is done correctly. Wasting water with an improperly installed sprinkler system will only cost you more money.  



Installing Your Lawn Sprinkler System


Choose the right type of sprinkler for your garden 

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