Essential Gardening Tools That Every Home Needs

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Both new and seasoned gardeners should have the right lawn equipment to make the most of their exterior space. It does not matter what size yard you have either; with basic gardening supplies, you can tend to indoor plants, container gardens, and window boxes just as easily as you can larger flowerbeds or major DIY landscaping projects. These indispensable small and large gardening tools are the basics that every homeowner can use year after year for lawn care.


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Gardening Apparel

Safety is always first, and that starts with personal safety in the form of gardening gloves and gardening knee pads. Choose a lightweight pair that fits you properly and offers protection from thorns and prickly surfaces as well as dirt and insects. Look for durable gloves that are water resistant and have long cuffs to keep your wrists covered. If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, you may also want to outfit yourself with clogs or boots for outdoor use and a broad-brimmed hat for shade on a sunny day.


Water Source

Next, make sure you have a way to water your plants. Even if your yard has a sprinkler system, you should invest in durable, quality garden hoses that can last more than one season. Make sure you have a nozzle that works for your needs as well. No irrigation system? No problem! Get a soaker hose that can target new sod or landscaping beds with gentle but thorough water distribution. Do not forget a watering can for your indoor babies or window boxes.


Hand Tools

A set of short-handled tools for digging are another must-have in any gardening toolbox. A fork for turning soil, a trowel or spade for digging and planting, and other small tools can make plant care a piece of cake. If you are not sure which hand tools to get, you may want to start with a gardening set that has these and other basic gear that can work in many settings.


Long Handles

For yard work or larger landscaping areas, those hand tools just won’t cut it. Just imagine the back pain you would have from trying to dig up a shrub with a hand trowel! Long-handled tools come in handy for these bigger gardening needs, but what you invest in may have more to do with how you plan to use them. Tending to a vegetable garden, for example, may require different gardening supplies than an average back yard. These are some of the long-handled tools that may come in handy:

You may find that you want varying styles of each tool to make your life easier, including a rake with longer, flexible tines and one with shorter, rigid tines because they each work best for different activities.


Cutting Implements

Gardening supplies would be incomplete without effective cutting tools for trimming and pruning. At the very least, get a quality set of pruning shears. Choose from an anvil or bypass pruner that can tackle living or dead off-shoots on shrubs, flowers, and other small growth with clean cuts that protect both you and the plant. For tree branches, small limbs, or trimming bushes, a hand-held lopper or electric hedge trimmer can be useful. Ideally, you should have a least one of each size to have the right tool for the job. It’s up to you if you need a heavy hitter such as a pole saw for taller branches or a chain saw for taking care of a larger property, although these may not be necessary for every homeowner.


Power tools

Most of the gardening supplies mentioned have been powered by you, but you may want to invest in gas or electric tools as well for routine maintenance and seasonal yard tasks. Lawn mowers are essential when you do your own yardwork, and you have lots of options from push to riding styles and anything in between. You may also want a string trimmer for reaching those areas missed by a mower, such as around trees, tight spaces, or along pathways. A power blower can make short work of keeping sidewalks, driveways, and patios clear of debris, especially in autumn when leaves fall.



A wheelbarrow may be a controversial choice for a gardening essentials list, but if you have a yard, you may regret not having one. This piece of equipment can be useful for all sorts of lawn care and gardening projects, and it can save you many trips and backaches as you move soil, compost, plants, and even yard decorations. You may be surprised how often you need it once you invest in one.


A Complete Tool Kit

As you can see, gardening is easiest when you have the right tools at your disposal. The more involved you are in your lawn and garden maintenance, the more equipment you may need to make your tasks easier. Think about the specialized gear a landscaping company uses, and you may see the advantages of investing in quality garden tools, both big and small, to keep your property looking its best. For the best gardening supplies all at one convenient location, visit Max Warehouse. Our selection of lawn and garden gear can take the work out of yard work and make you house proud.


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