5 Types of Schlage Door Locks

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Keeping your home safe starts with choosing the right door locks. The only thing to consider is that there are many options on the market. That's why you need to know what some of the best options for your home are. That means interior and exterior locks and when to use each one. Here are 5 types of Schlage door locks and what you need to know about them.  


5 Types of Schlage Door Locks


Who Schlage Is  

The brand has been around since 1920 and has racked up extensive experience designing effective locks. Plus, their offerings today are stylish and embrace modern technology. So you can find one in any aesthetic and at the level of protection, you want for your home or office. They are also affordable, and you can find a Schlage door lock for any budget. So if you want a trusted brand protecting your home, this is how you need to go.  


Who Schlage Is


1. Smart Locks  

Today, smart locks are all the rage for people who want to have a smart home because they offer a variety of ways for you to lock and unlock your door. While they provide the traditional keyhole option, they also can be equipped with a keypad and keyfob, and you can unlock many of them from your smartphone. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled systems will also offer you the option to connect the device to your home security system. Paired with Schlage door knobs, your home will be highly secure.  


Schlage Smart Locks



2. Knob Locks  

We know you've seen knob locks before because they are the most common type of lock on a door, and they can offer a decent amount of protection. The keyhole is located on the doorknob, and you must use a key to unlock the door from outside. However, this should not be your sole method of defense for a home, and you should pair your knob lock with a Schlage deadbolt for more protection. They also have a small twister that can be tough to grab to lock the door.  


This Schlage stratus aged bronze knob and single lock cylinder deadbolt is ideal for exterior doors because it unlocks when the door is opened from inside, allowing you to leave quickly and conveniently re-enter.  


Schlage Knob Locks



3. Lever Locks  

Schlage lever lock can be a good option if you're just worried about interior home or office doors. You've probably seen one of these in a commercial setting, but many homeowners also have them. The best part about these is that they are simple to lock. You must push the lock button instead of trying to grip the small twister on a door knob. That means it's a great option if you have trouble grasping the twister on door knobs.  


However, that means they are relatively easy to break into and are not a good option for exterior doors. Instead, put these types of locks on your bathroom or bedroom doors. They may also be a great extra line of defense if you have a closet or other room with many valuables or other belongings you want to protect.  


The Schlage accent satin nickel privacy lever is an excellent option since it can be installed on left-handed or right-handed doors due to its reversible design. There's no doubt that this privacy door lever is popular because of its wave-like design that effortlessly complements a room's style without taking over; it is also designed and tested to be robust and durable. 



Schlage lever locks



4. Deadbolt Locks  

When you want solid yet traditional protection, go with a deadbolt. These have a knob you turn to lock, although deadbolt locks are more prominent and accessible to grab than those on Schlage door knobs. That said, they offer more protection against attacking intruders than standard knobs. Plus, they can be easier to work with than the electronic locks if you're a technophobe. In other words, a deadbolt lock is your best bet if you want maximum protection without going electronic.  


The key is to see what type of deadbolt you need. Some deadbolts have a knob inside and a keyhole on the other. Others require that a key be used on the door's interior and exterior sides, like the Schlage satin nickel metal double cylinder deadbolt. There are also vertical deadbolts where the lock moves up and down instead of horizontally. These can be more resistant to intruders because they are harder to pry open. Any option will afford you plenty of protection without going electronic and worrying about changing batteries.  


Schlage Deadbolt Locks



5. Electronic Locks  

Instead of using a key, electronic locks give you the option to use a keypad to get into your home. They are often powered by batteries and have a Schlage deadbolt to protect your home from intruders. They give you a little more versatility than the deadbolt, but they generally only have the keypad, so they are not quite as flexible as the smart locks. You can also change the code regularly to keep your home secure if it is listed as an Airbnb or on another rental site.  


Among the best choices is the Schlage satin nickel steel electronic keypad entry lock; it is an easy-to-install keypad lever that can accept up to 19 user codes. 



Schlage Electronic Locks



Schlage door hardware 

As you can see, Schlage locks are filled with possibilities. There are plenty of options to choose from, and each has excellent potential for different situations. Plus, all levels of protection are available in multiple colors, so you can find one that matches your aesthetic. So whether you have your eye on a lever lock for your closets or want an electronic lock, visit the Schlage store here at Max to get your door locks today.



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