9 Excellent Bloem Planters to Enhance Your Home

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Whether you're a new gardener or you've been gardening for years, it's always exciting to freshen up your home's interior or exterior with a new planter or two. Bloem makes a whole host of beautiful planters (along with other great products) that are versatile and can add aesthetic improvement wherever you place them. Bloem planters come in a wide variety of styles, so there are many options to consider and choose from. Here are nine great options for your indoor or outdoor garden.  


9 Excellent Bloem Planters to Enhance Your Home


1. Window Boxes for the Ages  

With a simple design and a dark green hue, a window box is a great addition to any space. Its generous width allows for multiple plants to be arrayed in it together, and its narrower depth gives it the ability to sit on both window sills and larger perches alike. If you do house multiple plants in it, however, just be sure they have the same lighting and water needs so they can all stay healthy in one place.  


Bloem Window Boxes


2. Durability and Beauty  

This gorgeous teal resin planter will add a unique pop of color to your outdoor space regardless of what you choose to plant in it. Made out of polyethylene, resin planters are more durable than their plastic counterparts, even while they remain lightweight. They're also a very environment-friendly choice, as they can be made with mostly recyclable materials.  


Bloem teal resin planter


3. A Burst of Red  

This beautiful burnt red plastic planter has a great potential for creating contrast with any green plant you place in it. Its height also allows for larger, more robust plants or flowers to thrive, as long as their root systems aren't too big. While this planter works for a simple and clean look, its widened top also creates a great opportunity for spiller plants such as trailing begonia, weeping junipers, and variegated ivy.  


Bloem burnt red plastic planter


4. Rustic Flare and Stability  

Amongst the many plastic plant pots available, this charcoal planter from Bloem stands out as a stable and striking option. The stand that comes with it not only adds stability (which is especially appropriate for larger plants and small trees) but also adds a slightly rustic flair to the planter's overall appearance. It looks like it was made to sit on an outdoor patio or near a backyard firepit. You could also use it as a stylish addition to your bath since it's charcoal color contrasts with a white bathtub and accessories. 


Charcoal planter from Bloem

5. A Basket of Chocolate  

This hanging basket planter allows you to highlight a favorite spiller plant or climbing plants such as honeysuckle, Virginia creeper, or simple ivy. Its chocolate color gives it an earthy appearance and versatility to match just about any color scheme in your space.  


Bloem hanging basket planter


6. Industrial and Simple  

This rich charcoal planter offers both simplicity and class. With its neutral color and matte finish, it can blend in with a more industrial aesthetic or lend itself to a more minimalist setting, and because it's made of polyresin, it's super light and easy to work with. This planter is a great option for enhancing your porch or garden. It also has an attached tray to add convenience.  


Bloem rich charcoal planter


7. Modern and Earthy  

If modern planters are more your style, this deck rail terracotta clay planter may be a great choice for your home. As its name suggests, it's designed so you can securely place it on a deck railing and not worry about it tipping over. Its resin material makes it easy to maintain and strong enough for the elements outside, but this planter can also be used to display a beautiful arrangement of your choice indoors.  


Bloem deck rail terracotta clay planter


8. Minimalist and Versatile  

If you're browsing indoor plant pots for a new kitchen or living room piece, look no further; this minimalist planter (which also comes with a wood base) is great for an indoor display! Its color enhances the minimalist aesthetic it brings, and it can be used with or without its base. This planter is crafted from polypropylene plastic resin, so it is durable and can be used both inside and outside no matter the weather. If you want to use it outdoors, you can always punch out the holes in the bottom of it to allow it to drain, too.  


Bloem minimalist planter


9. Rich Color and Class  

A sweet and classy addition, this chocolate-colored planter goes very well with a taller plant such as a bamboo palm or a ficus Audrey, though it can also house just about anything else that fits well. Its square shape gives it an especially symmetrical look, its resin material gives it extra strength, and its dark color can help it to either contrast with a lighter background or blend in with darker floorings.  


Bloem chocolate-colored planter


Get the Right Equipment  

It's also important to consider what else you'll need to make your planters as successful as possible. You'll need a Bloem watering can, for example, such as this striking yellow dispenser. It's also a good idea to have extra soil on hand for when your plants or planters might need it.  


Bloem watering cans


Bloem Planters To Enhance Any Home 

Bloem has a wide range of planters, as well as products that will meet the needs of almost any home. If you're having trouble, you can always check out our Bloem's purchase options here at Max to get fresh ideas for what might work best. You'll be adding joy and beauty to your home's aesthetic in no time.  



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