DIY House Painting Tips & Tricks

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When it comes to home improvement projects, few are more satisfying than house painting. That is because you can transform how the interior or exterior of your home looks without spending a ton of money. With a few DIY house painting tips and valuable paint products, you can upgrade a room or your entire home. 


DIY House Painting Tips & Tricks


While it makes sense to concentrate on the main event - the paint quality and color - it is also helpful to have all of the tools you need for the job. This means keeping your house clean, consistently applying the paint, and selecting suitable stains and finishes. Fortunately, you can find in one place all of the supplies you need: 



Once you are well equipped, the fun begins. You can transform a dull room or wall into a bright area that makes you proud. 


Painting Supplies


Helpful Techniques for House Painting  

If you are interior painting, you want to get the right paint colors for your space. You can shop a giant selection of paint products that work on your walls and ceilings; this will allow you the freedom of getting the room just the way you want it and finding the perfect interior paint for your space. 


If you are a little bit of a perfectionist, you will know that even the same brands of paint color vary from can to can. So a good tip is to buy all of the paint you need at one time and then mix the paints; this will assure you get a consistent paint color for one room. 


The use of quality painter's tape is also a helpful technique. This item won't cost a lot of money, and you can choose from popular brands from a variety of manufacturers: 


For best results on trim painting, cut the tape off the wall rather than just pulling it off; this lessens the likelihood that the tape will tear pieces of dried paint from the wall. Also, make sure to wait at least 24 hours for the paint to dry to get the clean edge you want. It is easy to achieve good results with suitable tape for painting. 


The age-old question of do you paint trim or walls first really comes down to personal preference and skill ability. However, professional painters tend to paint the trim first because it is easier and faster to tape off the trim than the walls. 


Techniques for House Painting


Helpful Tools and Supplies  

Depending upon what type of painting project you have in mind, you want the right painting tools and supplies for the job. This includes different size paintbrushes and putty to ensure you paint on a smooth surface. 


Most painters love the convenience of paint rollers. You can choose from many roller varieties that make the job easier, including rollers for specialty jobs. The RollerLite trim and touch model is tiny, perfect for the most delicate work. The Wooster 1/2 gallon bucket makes paint application easy for rollers less than 7 inches long. 


The Bestt Liebco Little John paint roller gives you a bit of extra reach; this enables you to roll on paint smoothly even when reaching for a difficult spot. It is an essential tool for ceiling and wall painting. 


Working with a sanding sponge allows you to create a smooth surface before laying down paint or between coats. A variety of sanding sponges from top brands such as 3M, Acme, Allway, and Armaly will only cost a few dollars but will contribute to a better-looking final result. 


Paint Tools and Supplies


Also, when it comes to preparing surfaces for paint, a good painting tip is to remove all dust and fine particles. This gives your paint a better chance of bonding to the walls and looking good for a long time. The Trimaco SuperTuff white cotton tack cloth helps you prepare the smooth, blemish-free surface you need for a stellar paint job. 


Always choose your paint products and supplies wisely. For example, primer paint for walls is necessary to lead to a more stable job in many situations. However, in some conditions, you can do without primer; the Beyond Paint water-based acrylic paint is good to go when working on furniture, countertops, and cabinets. 


Also, for home decor upgrades, the Rustoleum spray paint gives you one coat coverage without priming. As a result, it imparts a unique finish to furniture without much preparation. 


Paint Tools and Supplies


The Ideal Place to Shop  

House painting is not always an easy job, but you can succeed with the proper techniques and a wide choice of valuable paints and supplies. At Max Warehouse, we carry all the paint products you need to make your house a home. Start your house painting project today! 



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