Find the Right Bathroom Faucets for Your Home With These Tips

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When you're redesigning a bathroom, you get to go through choosing new bathroom fixtures, shower components, bathroom sink options, and bathroom faucets. Today, there are numerous options with faucet designs that allow you to customize the look and feel of your bathroom. Here are some tips to help you choose the right faucet for your space. 


Bathroom faucets for your home


Determine the Bathroom Style

Before you go out shopping for your new bathroom faucet, you need to start by planning out your bathroom's redesign. First, choose a style that you like and a bathroom layout that meets your family's needs. Some possible bathroom styles include modern, traditional, country, beach, transitional, Asian, or farmhouse. After selecting your favorite bathroom style, you need to aim to match faucet styles to this design theme. 


Understand Different Types of Bathroom Faucets

Another thing to know about faucets is that there are different types. Usually, you have to choose a sink style and then a coordinating faucet. First, you'll need to select a sink style such as pedestal, wall-mounted, vessel, drop-in, corner, under-mount, or console. Then, you have to figure out what plumbing accessories and fixtures you will need to put together the sink and faucet combination seamlessly. You will then need to determine which type of faucet works best in your bathroom - wall-mounted, single hole, center-set, or widespread


Different Types of Bathroom faucets for your home


Check out Wall-Mounted Faucets

wall-mounted faucet is installed into the wall instead of on the sink or the bathroom vanity. Wall-mounted faucets feature clean, sleek designs and help elevate the sophistication of the room. 


Look at Single Hole Faucet Designs 

A single hole bathroom faucet is another top choice for modern bathroom design. Installation requires a single hole to be cut out in the sink or bathroom vanity. The faucet is then placed and operates using a single handle faucet instead of multiple fixtures. One popular single hole faucet design is the single handle pop-up faucet. For a basic look or a utility sink, the single handle basin faucet is a budget option. 


Wall-Mounted Faucets and Single Hole Fauctes


See Center-Set Faucets

Center-set faucets are also standard plumbing fixtures that match almost any style for the bathroom. You'll need to cut three holes in the sink for the spout and the two handles. American Standard features some classic options, and Moen has some centerset faucets that are more luxurious. 


Consider a Widespread Bathroom Faucet 

Faucets also come in a widespread design style; this is similar to a single hole look but is much more modern. The widespread faucet features a wider spout that allows more water to flow. It matches well with a vessel sink or another type of unique basin. 


Center-Set Faucets or Widespread Options


Find the Right Size 

The size and dimensions of the bathroom faucet are also crucial to the room's look and functionality. Let the size of your bathroom dictate how large or small the fixtures and bathroom hardware will be. If you pick extensive fixtures in a smaller room, space could feel cramped. Likewise, small sinks and faucets may not look right in a large bathroom. Take plenty of measurements and lots of pictures of potential faucet designs and compare them with the sink you have chosen and other room elements. 


Choose the Right Material 

After you've picked out the perfect style of faucet, then you can customize it more by selecting the faucet's material. Faucets are usually made from either brass, stainless steel, ceramic, bronze, glass, or other composite materials. Use your budget and the overall theme of your bathroom to pick a suitable composition. 


Bathroom faucets materials


Pick a Quality Product 

Another critical factor in getting the right faucet is quality and the brand. There are many quality brands, like Moen bathroom faucet company, which make durable products you can trust. Moen and other well-known brands feature lots of options to choose from. Besides the bathroom faucets mentioned above, there are different great styles like a bridge faucet, a touchless faucet, or a waterfall faucet; talk to a customer service representative when looking at the options about product selection.  


Choose Finish Style 

The finish of the faucet is another component of its design. This is how the final product's hardware will look. You can choose a brushed nickel, chrome, matte, polished chrome, or antique-style finish. Mirror finish is another option with some types of faucet brands and materials. Aim to be consistent and order hardware in the same finish style throughout the room. 


Learn About Installation

The last step to having a gorgeous bathroom faucet in your new space is installation. Some faucet designs are relatively easy to install yourself if you have some knowledge of basic plumbing. If you choose a unique faucet style, you may need to hire a contractor to help with installation. Do some research and learn about the basics of putting your faucet and sink combination together before going through with a self-installation. 


Bathroom faucet


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