How To Install an Outlet Receptacle

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If your skills with projects around the home are relatively modest, you should be able to install an outlet receptacle in about one hour. In most cases, you will just need two or three tools for the job: a screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, and perhaps a wire stripper. You are dealing with electricity, so it is essential that you feel comfortable with the work and follow instructions. If you think you are in over your head or with electrical hazards, call a professional electrician for increased peace of mind with the project. 


Outlet Receptacles


In the market, you can find a large selection of wiring devices, and light controls to perfect your electrical wiring; this will allow you to upgrade and enhance the outlet wiring in your home the way you need it. Best of all, many of these improvements to your home can be made quickly and safely and for an affordable price. Soon you will have nice-looking, new outlets in optimal locations throughout your home. 


How To Replace an Existing Receptacle Outlet

This is one of the easier home jobs to accomplish. You can start by looking at the variety of electrical outlets, to find exactly what you need, you can shop by the following categories: 


  • Price point¬†

  • Color¬†

  • Brand¬†

  • Product type¬†

  • Indoor or outdoor¬†

  • USB ports¬†


Once you have the right product in hand, it is time to tackle the job. First, always turn off the power to the area of the house you are working on; this is usually done at the main service panel, often located in a utility room. Next, make sure the power is off to the wall outlet before removing the old unit; this is done by removing the screws holding the unit in place and disconnecting the electrical wires. 


When installing new receptacles, make sure you have the proper amperage for your electrical circuit. A new 15 amp outlet is what you will need for most electrical devices in your home. In addition, a new unit will look nicer, and many new products come with enhanced safety standards and features. Remember, search for a GFCI receptacle or an AFCI outlet, depending on your room and electrical needs. 


When installing new receptacles, it is crucial to configure the wiring the way it was previously attached. Keep in mind the following precautions: 


  • Examine the wiring for flaws.¬†

  • Confirm the amperage of the circuit.¬†

  • Make sure the circuit breaker, circuit wire, and receptacle match.¬†

  • Attach the wiring to the corresponding screw terminal.¬†


When all seems as it should be, tuck the wiring neatly into the box and push the unit into place. Screw the unit into the wall and then install the faceplate. Turn on the power and then test for proper operation. 


Replace an Existing Receptacle Outlet


How To Decide When To Replace an Electrical Outlet 

There can be many reasons to upgrade the outlets in your home. You might have an old outlet that doesn't readily accept the plug, and a newer unit will probably work better. Also, more recent units have many enhanced safety features. For example, the Leviton SmartlockPro GFCI outlet regularly conducts an automatic internal test to detect a ground fault. This technology keeps your home safer. 


You might also be looking for aesthetic improvements to match the color scheme of your home or a particular room. For example, the Leviton 15 amp duplex receptacle has an elegant look and is made of sturdy thermoplastic with a USB charger included. The switch plate is also a significant change if you want to match everything. 


You might also feel that your old units have taken about as much wear and tear as they can handle. As a result, they can look outdated and may even have markings or cracks that are unappealing. A brown Decora-style duplex outlet and charger is a great tamper resistant receptacle option. 


Also, if you notice any functional problems with your wiring, it makes sense to take a closer look yourself or to bring in a professional. All of these reasons are valid for replacing either an indoor or an outdoor electrical outlet. 


Decide When To Replace an Electrical Outlet


How To Tackle Other Electrical Projects 

Once you are familiar with electrical wiring basics, you can do a lot of the work yourself, saving significant sums of money. You can also upgrade the details of your home. 


When it comes to electrical products, a variety of quality electrical tools, extension cords, and wiring devices are available to make your life better. You can find the following items in the electrical department: 



It is always beneficial to keep all of your electronic devices operating at their total capacity; this includes such things as smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors, and printers. The Leviton light tamper resistant receptacle and USB charger has dual functions; it is grounded for safety and utilizes smart chip technology. 


Electrical Projects


To get your electrical systems in the best shape possible or whether you are looking for new light switches or lighting controls, at Max Warehouse, we have a wide selection of quality products and excellent prices. It is an intelligent way to increase the power of your home. 


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