Why are Toto toilets so good?

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Whether you're looking to replace a broken toilet or shopping for a new one as part of a bathroom remodel, you need this all-important bathroom fixture to be just right. With their focus on quality and thoughtful details, Toto USA toilets seem designed to help anyone find that "just-right" fixture.  


As one of the leading manufacturers and developers of toilets and toilet technology, Toto has a top position worldwide. For more than 100 years, Toto has manufactured and sold high-quality toilets. The company's products include the Toto Washlet, a toilet seat with a bidet-style water pump, heated seats, and built-in dryers to eliminate the need for toilet paper. 


Why are Toto toilets so good?  


Why are Toto toilets so good?  

Toto's modern toilets are so good because they are committed to providing better, healthier, and more functional toilets. They are built to last, from their compact one-piece toilets to their more complex two-piece toilets and accessories. Additionally, comfort and cleanliness are vital in the toilet-making community, which is why Toto strives to improve upon them.  


Needs and Restrictions  

When you're remodeling a bathroom, starting your shopping by establishing your baseline needs is always sensible. First, ask yourself what you absolutely must have versus what you will not accept. Luckily, Toto toilets offer a large variety of designs; you should have no difficulty finding one that works within your limits while meeting all your needs.  


Start with physical and mechanical constraints. These include the layout of the toilet's location in the bathroom, plus the specific plumbing configuration. Your decision will also affect whether your toilet will be installed in a wide-open bathroom space, close to another fixture, or in a narrow water closet. Toto has a range of toilet shapes and sizes to fit any bathroom configuration and enhance the overall flow and comfort of the space.  


The limitations and needs of the human beings who will use this toilet are equally important, and Toto USA prioritizes the human factor. This can be seen in their "People Planet Water" motto, but more importantly, it can be seen in their products. Most of their models offer a variety of size and height configurations that maximize their comfort and functionality for different types of people. In addition, their "Universal Height" toilets are ADA compliant and thus a good choice for people with physical challenges.  



Toto Toilets are ADA compliant



Priorities versus Preferences  

Once the basics are accounted for, it's time to delve more deeply into what you want from your new toilet. Toto offers so many features that the sheer number of options may leave you a little befuddled. But, if you have to make trade-offs, how do you decide which features are more important than others? This is the point where you have to prioritize the elements that you value the most.  


Integrated toilet seat 

Among Toto's legendary features is the design of their superior seats, which include a bidet wand, heated seats, rear hot water cleaning, and a warm air dryer. However, read the fine print before buying a Toto toilet, as not all come with toilet seats. 


Toto toilet seats naturally complement the style of a high-tech toilet, but their excellence goes further than that. Many Toto seats have enhanced features such as a remote control or automatic lids, a bidet function, and built-in dryers. For example, the TOTO SoftClose non-slamming, slow-close elongated toilet seat and lid is the latest in innovative smart seat technology. Constructed of solid, high-impact plastic, this unique seat is specifically designed to reduce injury and eliminate the annoying "Toilet Seat Slam."  


Some Toto toilet seats are even lighted or heated to offer optimum comfort and convenience. For example, the¬†TOTO K300 WASHLET¬ģ¬†Elongated Electric Bidet Seat with Tankless Instantaneous Water Heating with PREMIST¬ģ and SoftClose¬ģ Lid is an electronic luxury toilet seat that cleanses you with warm water, providing an exceptionally fresh feeling. The¬†TOTO WASHLET¬ģ K300¬†features instantaneous water heating with five spray settings for front and rear washing, including an optional oscillating or pulsating stream. In addition, it has a comfortable heated seat, warm air dryer, and a deodorizer to neutralize odors and enhance your overall experience.¬†



TOTO SoftClose non-slamming Seat and TOTO K300 WASHLET¬ģ Elongated Electric Bidet Seat




Toto Flushing System  

If ecological responsibility is near the top of your priorities, you should know that Toto is a leader in flush technology that reduces water consumption. Toto's TORNADO and E-Max flush nozzle configurations ensure that the small quantity of flush water is used to maximum effect. You may also consider a Toto dual flush toilet model. The dual flush function allows you to use less water for regular flushing or a more powerful flush when necessary.  


Several Toto toilets have the option of a touchless auto-flush, a feature that may be appealing if you want to maximize hygiene and efficient water usage. These self-flushing models use just a gallon of water per flush while potentially reducing the spread of nasty germs on the toilet and around your bathroom. Because all of Toto's toilets prioritize water conservation, this is an excellent brand for eco-conscious consumers.  


For example, the¬†TOTO UltraMax¬ģ One Piece toilet¬†utilizes TOTO's G-Max¬ģ flush system. The G-Max flushing system features a 3" wide flush valve, extra-large siphon jet, and a large trapway. This reliable combination generates a powerful cleansing flush with 1.6 gallons of water.¬†¬†



Toto Flushing System‚ÄĮs



Style and Lifestyle  

While all the practical considerations and technical features are essential, you also want a toilet that suits you personally. You're looking for a toilet that complements your home and your lifestyle. This step is the fun part of shopping for new fixtures, as long as you remember to balance your stylish wishes with your daily reality.  


You may need to revisit the space issue because an elongated toilet that physically fits your bathroom could still be one that doesn't visually match the space. In other words, you may be able to wedge it in there, but does it look like it belongs there? Toto's streamlined and elegant toilet designs offer both round and elongated bowl options that deliver personalized comfort and style.  


Toto toilets also come in either one-piece models or the traditional two-piece toilet that you may be more accustomed to. A Toto's one-piece toilet looks sleek and modern while also cleaning simple. This range of options makes it easy to choose a toilet that works the way you need it to while also looking how you want it to.  



Toto toilets lifestyle


Easy Cleaning and Maintenance 

Of course, you still expect a beautiful bathroom fixture to offer practical benefits. Toto toilets fulfill their essential functions well and fit into your hectic lifestyle by combining easy maintenance with style and function. Toto's well-known commitment to thoughtful design comes into play here, with features such as their CeFIONtect ceramic glaze, which helps the bowl wash cleaner by making it more difficult for waste to stick. Some Toto models even have unique nozzles that spray a fine mist on the bowl before and after use to ensure that your toilet's interior stays sparkling clean with minimum effort from you.  



Toto Easy Cleaning and Maintenance



Our Top Picks 

Toto's extensive product line is worth a look if you're looking for a selection of well-made toilets that can offer you the best chance to find your perfect fit. But, of course, you can always browse our Toto collection available here at Max to discover the ideal toilet suited to your life. Our favorite models are highlighted below.  


TOTO Legato WASHLET+ One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Skirted Toilet  

When hygiene and cleanliness are top concerns for you, you may be interested in a model like the TOTO Legato WASHLET+ One-Piece Elongated toilet. While some people may think of the washlet as a luxury feature, you may not see it that way if you have mobility issues or other factors that make self-care challenging. If this is the right option for you, ensure you get the T40 model washlet seat that fits the Legato toilet.  


The Legato's benefits include:  
  • Contemporary, sleek style.¬†

  • Easy to clean thanks to a one-piece design.¬†¬†

  • CeFiONtect glaze for clean rinsin.g¬†¬†

  • Superior comfort and cleanliness when paired with a Toto WASHLET seat.¬†¬†



TOTO Legato WASHLET+ One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Skirted Toilet



TOTO¬ģ Eco UltraMax¬ģ One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF ADA Compliant Toilet


Toto toilets like the Eco UltraMax offer a choice of bowl shape, seat, and total height. This version's elongated shape delivers elegance and comfort to your bathroom experience. An EPA WaterSense certified toilet, the Eco Ultramax helps conserve water while serving your family's needs.  
The TOTO Eco UltraMax utilizes TOTO's E-Max¬ģ flush system, which generates a powerful cleansing flush while only using 1.28 gallons of water.¬†


Highlights of the Eco Ultramax include:  
  • SoftClose toilet seat included.¬†

  • CeFiONtect glaze for ease of cleaning.¬†

  • Universal height excellent for elderly or disabled users.¬†¬†

  • Lower water consumption.¬†



TOTO¬ģ Eco UltraMax¬ģ One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF ADA Compliant Toilet



TOTO Drake¬ģ II Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet with CEFIONTECT and Right-Hand Trip Lever


This is a beautifully designed high, profile toilet.¬†The Drake II bowl and tank set¬†includes a tank-to-bowl gasket, tank-to-bowl hardware, and toilet bolt caps. In addition, the Toto Drake II features TOTO's TORNADO FLUSH¬ģ, a hole-free rim design with dual-nozzles that creates a centrifugal washing action that assists in rinsing the bowl more efficiently. The combination of CEFIONTECT and TORNADO FLUSH technology assists in reducing the frequency of toilet cleanings, minimizing the usage of water, harsh chemicals, and time required for cleaning.¬†


Highlights of the Toto Drake model include:  
  • High profile, two-piece elongated bowl and tank set.¬†

  • CEFIONTECT glaze minimizes waste from sticking to porous ceramic surfaces.¬†

  • Universal Height for more comfort across a broader range of individuals.¬†



TOTO Drake¬ģ II Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet with CEFIONTECT and Right-Hand Trip Lever



Find the Toto Toilet that Fits Your Life 

After learning all about the advantages and reasons why Toto toilets are so good, you can visit our Toto store and choose the ideal toilet for your home. Don't hesitate to contact our Experience Makers for more details and assistance when shopping, and remember that you can pay up to 4 interest-free installments with Shop Pay. So start your home improvement project today with Max!



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