How To Attract Birds to Your Bird Feeder

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If you love birds around your home and in your yard, a bird feeder is a great place to start when it comes to attracting birds. With just a little bit of information and planning, you can make feeders even more effective. You can find a lot of bird feeding products to take your bird watching to the next level.  


Attract Birds to Your Bird Feeder


It is not that difficult to attract birds. It all comes down to some clever strategic planning. You want to pay attention to these essential principles:  


  • Buy the most¬†effective feeders¬†¬†

  • Use the most¬†appealing bird food¬†¬†

  • Place the bird feeder and the food in the best spots¬†¬†

  • Make sure to give the birds shelter¬†¬†

  • Entice the avian wonders with water¬†¬†


Once you learn how to attract birds, the rewards are many. In just a little time, the birds will flock to your backyard and provide your family with hours of beauty and enjoyment. Then, when friends and family come over, you can introduce them to the pleasures of backyard birdwatching.  



The Importance of a Good Bird Feeder  

While birds choose natural food sources throughout the year, they appreciate a little help now and then. Quality and attractive bird feeders draw birds into your yard and allow you to get excellent views of many species. But, of course, everyone's situation is a bit different, so you might want to consider a large selection of feeders:  



You can select from elaborate models to super-simple products that are easy to install. So, whether you want a feeder that attaches to a window or one that goes out in the yard, you have many choices depending on what you need for your home.  


Bird Feeder


The Best Food Options  

When you are out to attract wild birds, you need the right food. It is vital to match the food with the feeder. Having a large selection of food choices and some variety when it comes to the packaging allows you to get what you want. This makes it more economical for you, depending upon whether you have many backyard birds or just a few.  


Hummingbirds love the sweetness of nectar, and there are many choices of this vital bird food. One good choice in this arena is the Kaytee Hummingbird Electro Nectar that hydrates these birds as they drink. In addition, many birds that come to your backyard feeding areas eat nutritious seeds such as thistle, sunflowers, and mixed blends. Premium songbird seed and Kaytee Nyjer thistle seeds are also very popular.  


Suet and millet products also provide variety that attracts many bird species to the outdoor spaces near your home; consider that you might need a unique suet feeder. A mix of nuts and berries is a healthy way to give your feathered friends some energy every day.  


Bird food options


The Variety of Birds  

By using various feeders and bird foods, you can attract many different types of wild birds to your home, small birds, larger birds, or native birds. For example, if you enjoy the beauty of bluebirds, blueberry suet nuggets contain high-energy suet, fruit, and nuts. This unique formulation is packaged to eliminate waste and mess, and it also attracts a variety of birds. This food offers excellent value for the consumer and is an irresistible and healthy treat for members of the avian world.  


Best of all, with a mix of food, you can draw in many bird varieties. Of course, precisely what you will see will depend upon your habitat and the region in which you live. In some areas, it wouldn't be surprising to see a dazzling ruby-throated hummingbird followed by the appearance of a gigantic pileated woodpecker. With a mix of foods, you could attract some or all of these species:  


  • The brilliant indigo bunting¬†¬†

  • The colorful rose-breasted grosbeak¬†¬†

  • The resplendent Baltimore oriole¬†¬†

  • The mischievous goldfinch¬†¬†

  • The lovely cardinal¬†¬†

  • The raucous bluejay¬†¬†


You can even draw in some unusual backyard birds with the proper setup and some good luck. Perhaps a tanager will show up one morning or even a meadowlark.  


Variety of Birds‚ÄĮ


The Final Steps for Perfection  

No matter what your setup is for bird feeding, it is essential to provide a little bit of shelter, and you can also consider a bird house for more protection. This gives the songbirds some protection against hawks and owls that might see your backyard as an opportunity. Therefore, be sure to leave a tree and bushes nearby.  


Also, if possible, having a clean water source nearby will be helpful. This will make the area more appealing to the neighborhood birds and allow them to take a drink now and then and clean their feathers with a good bird bath.  


Bird House - Birds shelter


At Max Warehouse, you will find excellent options to attract birds or the home and garden supplies for your need. Now is the time to get the items to create your perfect outdoor space and begin enjoying backyard birdwatching. 


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