10 Ways To Use Plant Pots for Home Decor

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Most homeowners wish they had an affordable way to add life and freshness to their homes without spending a fortune. Instead of investing the time, energy, and expense into a home renovation to energize your space, why not consider using plant pots to decorate? Indoor plant pots are affordable and versatile, and they can work in just about any room.

 DIY Home decor with plant pots

Here are 10 easy ways to decorate your home using plant pots.


1. Make a Statement


Think outside the box with your plant choice. Look online or at smaller nurseries to find less common houseplants or have distinctive features, such as odd-shaped leaves or textured stems. Even a different variety of a houseplant with which you are familiar can stand out as a home accent. If you are just getting started with plants, pick species that are easy to care for and put them in a bold ceramic pot to turn heads.


2. Divide and Conquer


Open floor plans may ask for a definition of distinct spaces. Large floor plant pots can serve that purpose with style. Whether you go for a large planter holding a tropical palm or simply a plastic pot to create a greenery room divider, you can designate clear borders in your room. For example, place large floor plants to separate a sitting area from office space or a breakfast nook from a gathering room. 

Plant pots for your home


3. Freshen up the Bathroom


If you have a bathroom with windows or skylights, you have the ideal environment for indoor plants to thrive. With natural light and humidity from the shower, your plants may be perfectly happy. Select resin, ceramic, or plastic plant pots that are easy to care for and should not mold or mildew. Houseplants also bring a much-needed pop of color and nature into a space that does not have to be strictly utilitarian.


4. Count on Color


Perhaps you want more pizzazz than what most houseplants provide. Look for blooming plants such as orchids, peace lilies, or bromeliads to punch up your space with a pop of color. Pair a showy bloomer with a simple plant pot, so they don't compete for attention. You may want to research what indoor flowering plants are low maintenance to keep it simple.

 indoor plant pots


5. Harvest Your Own


Houseplants don't have to be ornamental. Why not use a sunny spot in your kitchen to grow your own herbs? Not only do these plants add color to your room, but they also add flavor to your cooking. Put them in a decorative pot along a window sill or hang them vertically on a wall to add your space dimension.


6. Hang It High


Most homeowners have curtain rods with drapes or sheers that do not add much to the room. A curtain rod can double as a hanging plant rack for a new spin on a window treatment. Baskets, macrame hangers, or even small hooks would work to arrange plants along the rod. Decide if you want to use the same-sized plant pots to make a horizontal line, or choose plants of different shapes and sizes to offer more privacy and dimension.

plant pots for hanging plants 


7. Go on a Slant


Interior designers are fond of incorporating lines to create perspective and interest. That's why you may see decorations on many levels to keep the composition cohesive and make the most of all the space, not just the floors or walls. In that vein, think about arranging plants along a diagonal, such as on the edges of stair steps or with an angled shelf; it will take your eye in a new direction.


8. Create an Accent Wall


You may have seen accent walls with a bold color or patterned wallpaper. Mimic that looks with carefully arranged small plant pots. With horizontal rows of plants, you can take the arrangement up the wall as high as you like, but don't forget you should be able to reach your plants to water and prune as needed. A vertical wall garden would also work outside on a patio or porch; you can look for various outdoor planters options.

 Plant ponts for accent wall


9. Aim for Ambience


Plants should enhance your home, not add clutter. Consider how to use them to set the tone or accentuate your design style. Do small topiaries complement your traditional look? Would succulents or terrariums add to a rustic or shabby chic space? Put that same attention to detail into your indoor planter or ceramic plant pots as well for a more cohesive design.


10. Take It Outside


Don't forget about using plants to decorate around a pool, on a porch, or around an outdoor dining space. With various outdoor plant pots to choose from, you can go for a dramatic, large plant or make a delicate, small container garden on a table.

 Outdoor plant pots

Are you ready to get started? Visit our garden center at Max Warehouse for the best selection of plant pots for your indoor and outdoor spaces. You may not realize how much you enjoy planting or taking care of your plants until you see what a difference they can make in your home decor.


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