Learn about the best fertilizer for your outdoor plants based on their seasonal schedule and the fertilizer type

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fertilizer for outdoor plants
Plants give life to our spaces by making them more colorful, relaxed, and refreshing. Plants don’t have a striking way to say they need something; if they need water, they’ll wilt or grow pale when they need sunlight. You need to learn how to read these signs, and just like humans, they require specific nutrients to grow and bloom properly. Knowing when and which fertilizer for your outdoor plants to use can be tricky, but don’t worry; we are here to help you!
There’s no exact formula for when to fertilize your plants; it depends on which season you are in
  • During spring: Fertilize your plants 8 weeks before the last spring frost.

  • During summer: You need to fertilize your plants more often; this will depend on which fertilizer you choose.

  • During fall: You need to reduce the frequency to 3 to 4 applications until winter arrives.

  • During winter: None. Plants are not actively growing ; they won’t need any fertilizer.

Now with that information, you only need to know which one to use. 
fertilizer for outdoor plants  

Different types of fertilizers for outdoor plants:

  • Liquid fertilizers: are applied frequently, and they come with a reduced risk of fertilizer burn as they are made with natural ingredients.

  • Granular fertilizers: are used less frequently; they are found in two presentations; as granular pellets or compressed spikes. And the best ones are made with natural ingredients.

  • Slow-release fertilizers: as the name suggests, they release a minimal amount of fertilizer over an extensive time. They are very convenient, but they are not made with eco-friendly materials.

As you can see, this work shouldn’t be overly complicated or complex; just use the right products and apply them at the correct seasonal time, and your plant family will grow leafy, colorful, and healthy!
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